5 Free Websites to Get Bro Code Rules

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In this post, I will tell you about 5 websites which let you read bro code rules for free. A few of the websites list all the bro code rules while other lists the most popular ones. These websites also provide you with options to like/dislike, save, and share any bro code or the complete list. You can head over to any of the below mentioned websites to check out cool bro codes for free.

In case if you are thinking what a bro code is or what bro code rules are, then don’t worry. Bro Code is a set of rules or you can say etiquette supposed to be followed by males. The bro code rules were proposed by Barney Stinson, a character from popular TV series How I Met Your Mother.

1. Bro-codebreaker:


Bro-codebreaker is a Tumblr blog with complete list of bro code rules. The bro code rules are divided into 3 parts with each of the bro code rule known as an Article. The part 1 has Articles 1-59, part 2 has Articles 60-119, and part 3 has articles 120-150. Each of the three parts starts with a basic intro. The part 1 has bro definition, part 2 has wingman pledge, and part 3 has some amendments and violation details. All the bro codes are listed in ascending order along with Paradisa Corollary wherever needed.

The website doesn’t have option to like/dislike, save or share a particular bro code. However, the website offers the option to comment about the whole part.

2. The Daily Bro Code:

The Daily Bro Code

As the name suggests, The Daily Bro Code is a Tumblr blog where its author used to post one bro code rule each day. I said used to earlier because there are 150 bro code rules and they all have been posted by the author. Each of the blog post is about a bro code along with explanation and a corresponding image. You can add notes to any of the bro code and also get an unique short URL for sharing that particular bro code with others. If you are Tumblr user, then you can also reblog it.

3. Screaming House:

Screaming House

Don’t get confused with the name Screaming House as it is a Blogger blog. The author of this blog has posted all 150 bro code rules in a single post. The author is Malaysian so I guess the introduction and finish part is in Malaysian language but good thing is that all the bro code rules are posted in English. Since it is Blogger blog post, so there are no options to interact with individual bro code rules. You can comment about the post using the comments section available at the bottom.

4. The Life and Times of Barney Stinson:

The Life and Times of Barney Stinson

The Life and Times of Barney Stinson is the second last blog in this list. It is also a Tumblr blog where the author has listed 94 bro code rules. The blog also mentions Preamble to Bro Code. All of the 94 bro code rules are listed in a single post with no option to interact with them individually. The only option you get is to tweet about the complete post for sharing with others.

5. Goodreads:


The last website to look out for bro code rules is Goodreads. We all know that Goodreads is a website owned Amazon which has the largest catalog of books for readers. It also includes The Bro Code book but you can only read a few bro code rules unless you sign-up with the website. This website also lets you like individual bro code rules. If you have a Goodreads account then you can also add the book to your Wants to Read list.

Here, it’s time to wrap up this list of 5 free websites to get Bro Code rules. Check them out to read all of them and see how many of those rules you follow already?

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