5 Free Websites To Learn Flower Arrangements And Decorations

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Here is a list of 5 Free Websites to learn flower arrangements and decorations online. The websites teach you different designs and methods of decoration. There are video tutorials, articles by experts that teach you the step by step procedure, along with images. Flower arrangement is a very common practice. Be it some wedding, event or anything, flower decorations are always a part of it. We even arrange flowers in our house for no reason. By following these websites, you get to learn different techniques of flower arrangements just by sitting at home and watching.

The 5 free websites that I have reviewed in this article are Videojug, Floralartmall, Howstuffworks, Wedding flowers and reception ideas.com, and Aol.on.


Videojug-flower arrangements-video

The first website to learn flower arrangements is Videojug. The website provides you with video tutorials where experts explain different styles and methods to arrange flowers. All the videos are quite good in quality and are very illustrative. Every step is explained in detail with demonstration. Along with every video, there is also a short description below it. Basically, these descriptions are provided to acquaint you with the type of flowers or technique being used in the video. In some of the videos, written tutorials are attached below for better understanding. So, try out this website and learn different flower arrangements.

Try Videojug here.



Second website to learn flower arrangements is Floralartmall. Basically, this website is like an online magazine for flower lovers. You get to view and read about a lot of things. There are various articles by experts describing different flower arrangement styles. The articles describe in detail, the material required and step by step procedure of the whole process. At every step, you will also find images attached with it. This proves to be helpful for beginners. Apart from these articles, the website also has floral paintings and images that you can buy.

Try Floralartmall here.



Third in the line to learn flower arrangements is Howstuffworks. This website is very much like Floralartmall. You get to read article by experts on different styles of flower designing. Some of the decoration styles and designs that you can learn are how to make a bouquet, how to make a floral pet poodle, how to make a corsage, etc. Apart from these styles, you can also read articles explaining different flower types, significance of using dry flowers in a floral arrangement etc. Lastly, there is one separate article that provides information about the basic material you require for different flower arrangements. So, these articles are very informative and can prove to be quite helpful.

Try Howstuffworks here.

Wedding flowers and reception ideas.com:

Wedding flowers and reception ideas

This is the fourth website is this list to learn flower decorations. As the name of the website itself suggests, you can learn different wedding flower arrangements on this platform. There are articles that teach you the process of making a corsage, cascading rose bouquet, decorate bridal flip-flops etc. Basically, you get to learn how to use to flowers properly, in different places, with different techniques during a wedding. There are a lot of different images as well that you can watch and learn. A very soft and soothing music keeps playing in the background while you are reading the articles.

Try out Wedding flowers and reception ideas.com here.



The fifth and final website to learn flower decorations is Aol.on. It is a very simple and straightforward website where you can watch videos and learn different styles. The website has lots of good quality videos. You can learn flower decorations for different occasions like weddings, Easter, Christmas. Some of the videos, to learn flower arrangements,  that you can watch on this website are learn to make a fresh flower arrangement, arrange ikebana flowers, Easter flower arrangements etc. There are many more helpful tutorial videos that you can watch on this website.A

Try Aol.on here.

All these websites provide you with different techniques to learn and different flowers to use. Try them out and give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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