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OnTime is a free Android app to display selected apps on home screen at any specific time slot of the day. You can select a time slot among Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night, and assign apps to display. No more scrolling through the long list of apps to access your favorite ones, as you can use “OnTime” to view selected apps only when you want. For example, let’s say you read the news in the morning. Then instead of scrolling through all the apps to find the news app, you can simply use this app to display news app on the home screen in the morning.

It comes with a widget, which you’ve to place on the home screen to displays apps for a specific time slot. The time slots are completely customizable, that means you can set a custom time for a slot to start. Whether you play games at night, read emails in the morning, browse Facebook in the evening, this app provides you assistance for quick access to these apps.

display selected apps

You may also take a look at Loopr, Quick Access Bar, and Launchify for quick access to apps.

How to Display Selected Apps on Home Screen Only When You Want:

Step 1: The main screen of the app shows the time slots like Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. With each time slot, you will see an “Edit” icon to assign apps for displaying.

main window

Step 2: After you tap the edit icon, it will open up the list of default as well as the downloaded apps. You can select and assign as many apps as you want to display for a particular time slot.

select apps

Step 3: When you’re done with assigning apps, simply tap on the time slot and select the option “Starts at” to customize the time. Set a time when you want this app to start displaying selected apps.

customize time

Step 4: Now, you have to place the “OnTime” widget on the home screen. It automatically displays apps using the widget, which you have assigned for each time slot.

Step 5: The widget is also customizable, and you can place it as you normally do with others widgets on your phone. Long tap on the home screen, then select the “OnTime” widget and simply drag & drop it anywhere on the home screen.

My Final Verdict:

OnTime is quite a compelling app for Android that displays selected apps on the home screen, whenever you want  them to. Choose a time slot and assign apps to display, as simple as that. Give it a try.

Get “OnTime” from here.

Editor Ratings:
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