Android App To Post Images Without Cropping On Instagram

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Square InstaPic for Android is a free app which allows you to post full sized photos on Instagram. If you hate the fact that you have to crop images before you post them on Instagram, then Square InstaPic is the perfect solution. It makes the full image square by adding an empty background to it which you can fill with colors or patterns. Square InstaPic for Android even allows you to add text and create collages. So now you can post photos without cropping on Instagram with this free Android app.

Post Full Sized Images on Instagram With Square InstaPic For Android

Using Square InstaPic for Android:

You can get this app from the link or QR code provided at the end of this review. When launched, you will have the interface as seen below. The app provides you with the option to use images from the gallery, camera, or create a collage. As an example, let’s use an image from the gallery which we don’t want to be cropped out when posted to Instagram.

Simply tap on the gallery button and you will have the option to pick a photo, as seen here. Use the method you prefer to pick a photo which you want to post.

Using Square InstaPic for Android

Your selected image will be placed in a square block. You can customize the color of this background by tapping on the presented colors or selecting colors from the color options.

Using Square InstaPic for Android editing image

If you like you can also pick patterns as the background. Tapping on the patterns options will present you a number of patterns as seen here. Tap on the one you like to select it.

patterns in Square InstaPic for Android

Adding text is another nice option provided in Square InstaPic for Android. Simply tap on the text options and add the text of your choice. You can place the text wherever you like on the image.

adding text in Square InstaPic for Android

When done with the editing, simply press the button on the top on right corner of the app window as pointed below. This will bring you the Instagram app so that you may use and post the image. The image will be used by Instagram app just like any other. In this manner, you can see that the image could be used and uploaded without the need to crop them out and miss a part which you don’t want to crop.

posting image Using Square InstaPic for Android


Square InstaPic for Android is a simple solution which allows you to post full sized images on Instagram. You will no longer have to be frustrated by cropping your favorite images before posting them on Instagram. Features like easy to use interface, background patterns, background colors, and collages makes this a great app.

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Get Square InstaPic for Android from here or scan the QR code below.

Square InstaPic for Android qr code

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Works With: Android 4.0 and up
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