How to Create Virtual Machine in VMware Workstation

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Here is a tutorial that explains how to Setup a new virtual machine in VMware Workstation. We will use this virtual machine to Install Windows 8.

We recently covered how to install Windows 8 Fom Flash Drive. Next we wanted to cover how to Install Windows 8 on a VMWare machine, so that you can use Windows 8 in a virtual mode.

After several attempts I was finally able to install Microsoft Windows 8 developer preview to my VMWare workstation 8.

If you have never used a VMware Workstation, then as a first step, you need to create a virtual machine. We will use this virtual machine to install Windows 8.

Here is the step by step instructions on how to create VMware virtual machine:

  1. I hope you already have Vmware Workstation 8 installed in your system. If not get it from
    Note: This is not a free product.
  2. After installing VMware Workstation 8 to your system, when you start it, you see the following screen:
  3. Click on create a new virtual machine. The new virtual machine wizard will open.
  4. For the type of configuration, select typical and press next.
  5. Here select the last option “I will install the operating system later”. You can also choose “installer disc image file”, but it may cause a problem because as of now VMWare Workstation 8 do not recognize the image file of windows 8.
  6. Select Microsoft Windows as Guest Operating System and Windows 7 as version (there is no option for windows 8 in Vmware Workstation 8. They may add it in future).
  7. Give a name of your choice to the virtual machine. Browse for the location of your choice where the virtual machine will be created or let it be the default location. I choose the default location.
  8. Select the maximum disc capacity. I choose 10GB because it is sufficient for installing windows 8 on virtual PC. You may choose to store virtual disk as a single file or split it into multiple files.
  9. Now you are all set to create virtual machine for windows 8. Click Finish and after a few moments virtual machine will be created.

We’ll use this virtual machine to install Windows 8 later. Stay tuned for our next article in this series of tutorials on Windows 8.

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