Outlining of Windows 8 Hidden Features

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Here is a brief overview of hidden features of Windows 8.

Its been few months since the developer preview of Windows 8 has been released. You can find a lot of things written about it in various articles and forums over the internet, including a whole Windows 8 section on our website. But there are also few things which still remain hidden from the internet community. In this article, I am going to outline few such hidden features of Windows 8.

Microsoft Windows store is ready to serve people. People can browse though categories, purchase products just like they do on any other online store. The new thing here is it will provide the ability to stream applications to your computer. That means it is not required to wait till an application is fully downloaded. You can launch it as soon as you purchase it. Moreover, application can be hosted on cloud, which means that users can use only the part of the application they need at a particular time.

There would be two flavors of Windows 8 user interface: one is traditional windows 7 style and the other is new Metro UI style. The latter is optimized for touchscreen environment.

An automatic maintenance utility will regularly check for solutions to various problems. It will greatly enhance the overall stability of the system.

There is a service is Windows 8 called as “spot verifier” that would look for bad sectors while the system is running and mark them bad. This would prevent data loss due to bad sectors.

Using history vault, you can go back in time and restore earlier file that you might have inadvertently modified or deleted.

So, these are some of the hidden features of Windows 8. Let us know if there is some other hidden tweak that you are aware about.

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