3 Free Software To Restore Opened Applications after Reboot

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Here are 3 free software to restore opened applications after Windows reboot.

These software programs will automatically launch all your running applications, say an image editor, Notepad, media player, web browser, or any exe file after system reboot. Many times it happens that we install a software or system update which requires a reboot. In that case, we have to close all our applications and reload them which is time-consuming. Instead of manually closing all applications of current Windows session and relaunch them again after reboot, you can use any of these utilities. All those applications that were opened before reboot will open automatically. However, it should be noted that these software programs will not restore any unsaved data. Let’s have a look at these software programs one by one.

Cache My Work

Cache My Work- interface

Cache My Work is one of the best software in this list to restore applications, folders, or whatever it can restore. List of all those restorable items will be available on its interface. From that list, you can select all applications or just some required applications.

Apart from this, you can also activate the option to restore all items of previous Windows session at next logon. It is the most lightweight software in this list, only 428 KB.

Full review is here.


SmartClose- interface

SmartClose is also a great software in this list to save running programs before closing and restore those programs after system reboot. It first creates a snapshot of the system and then closes all running programs. After this, you can use that snapshot to restore all those programs. This software can also close running services, so I will recommend you to customize settings before creating the snapshot. Otherwise, it could result in an unexpected error by closing some crucial services.

While creating the snapshot, it will also show you which applications and services are going to be closed. So you will get a good idea what could be restored after system reboot.

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Launcher Dock

Launcher Dock

Launcher Dock is the last software in this list. It shows the list of all running applications which may include web browsers, screenshot capture software, or any other exe file. You can’t manually add any other applications, except refreshing the list of available running applications. So don’t get confused to consider it like some software to launch applications on startup.

You can select a particular program from the list and enable an option for that program to launch on start-up. In the similar way, you can add any program and close its interface to minimize it to system tray. Whenever you will reboot your PC, those applications will open automatically.

Full review is also available.


These all are good software to restore opened applications automatically after reboot. However, Cache My Work provides a straightforward solution and also includes folders to restore after reboot. SmartClose is handy to close running programs as well as Windows services. However, you must have good knowledge to check which services you are going to close. Launcher Dock is also handy, but it doesn’t include folders to restore automatically.

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