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Cerebro is a free application launcher software with Google search, unit converter, calculator, etc. While other such tools can only show only installed software, this application launcher can do a lot more things. For example, if you want to perform some Google search, activate this launcher, type your search query and then it will show Google search results in Chrome browser. You can also launch a website by simply typing the URL and then pressing Enter key. Thus, you don’t have to leave your current application and open a browser to perform some Google search or open a website. Apart from that, its built-in unit converter and calculator are also helpful to quickly get the results.

This application launcher software does all these additional actions with the help of pre-installed plugins. Apart from that, it lets you install more plugins to do some more advanced tasks. You can install Google Maps plugin to view the map of any city or country within this application launcher, weather forecast plugin to view current and upcoming weather conditions for a city, show time in different time zones, find pictures available on Unsplash, perform Wikipedia search, etc. All plugins are lightweight and just one click is needed to install any plugin.

Cerebro application launcher search results

In the screenshot above, you can see search results by this application launcher software for desktop applications.

And in the screenshot visible below, you can see map, unit conversion, and calculation results.

show map perform calculations etc

Note: This software also comes with File Preview feature that helps to show the preview of supported and selected files (Markdown, PDF, Text, audio video files, etc.) in the search results. However, this feature didn’t work for me.

How To Use This Free Application Launcher Software?

This is one of the easy to use application launcher software. You can use this link to get the setup or portable file of this software and launch it. You will see it running in the system tray.

Now whenever you have to activate this software to perform some search, you can use “Ctrl+Spacebar“, which is preset hotkey. The same hotkey is used to hide this software. You can also set a custom hotkey to activate it by accessing its Preferences.

activate launcher and perform some search

Above you can see the Search box of this application launcher software. Now search for some application installed on your PC and it will show as well as filter results in real-time. Select an application and press Enter to launch it.

Perform Google Search, Open A Webpage, Unit Conversion, Etc Using This Application Launcher:

Apart from this, you can also perform Google search or open a webpage. Simply type some query and then press Enter. It will open a new tab in Chrome browser and show search results. For a webpage, it will show a small preview text on its interface and pressing Enter will open that webpage in Chrome.

perform google search or launch a webpage

Similarly, if you want to do some calculation, basic Math operation, or unit conversion, you can simply type in the search box of this application launcher and it will show results.

do conversions or calculations

Install Plugins:

This application launcher already has plugins like Google search, Converter, show a small preview of a website, etc. To install more plugins, you can right-click on its system tray, and then click on Plugins option. Its Plugins page will open where you will see installed and plugins available to install. You will see some really good plugins there that you can install, such as Google Maps, use Wikipedia, find GIFs, Convert Color, Kill a running process, Timezones, change text case, and more.

view and install plugins

Install any plugin and then use Search box of this software to get the relevant results. You can also uninstall any plugin whenever you want.

The Verdict:

There are many application launchers already available, but this software has some really good features which make it stand apart from the crowd. Its supports plugins to do many other tasks, like perform the calculation, do Wikipedia search, use Google Maps, etc., which is quite useful.

Get this software.

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