5 Websites to Play Free Cowboy Games Online

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Here is a list of 5 websites to play free cowboy games online. These websites have a wide collection of cowboy games and if you’re a cowboy fan or even if you just like cowboys, you will love all of these websites for sure. All the games offered by these websites are free to play, come with different game play, and different graphics. The only thing similar in all of these games is the cowboys. You will get to play as the cowboy in all the games and your job will be to complete the objectives while following the game rules.

Let’s get started.

1. Game Sheep:

Game Sheep

Game Sheep website has 9 free cowboy games for you to play and enjoy. Each of the game has a detailed description which will give you an idea about what you have to do in a particular game. To play the game you like, you need to click on its name. On the game page, you can refer to the game controls, rating out of 100, number of votes.

Saloon Brawl 2

Out of the games, I loved playing Saloon Brawl 2. The game has simple objectives, yet they are interesting. In the game, you are a cowboy and you’ve to beat the foes by punching, kicking, and throwing them. There is also a special attack which you can use when you are fully recharged. In the midst of this, you also have to collect things. Do keep it in mind, you need to wipe out all the foes before losing your energy. If any of the things happens first, the game will be over.

2. Y8.com:


Y8.com is the website with a total of 45 free cowboy games for you to browse and play. Each of the game has a video preview which means you just need to hover your mouse over the thumbnail image and you will see a preview of the game’s gameplay. Isn’t it cool? Apart from this, you can quickly refer to game rating and compatibility with your browser. As you will hover the mouse, the website shows whether that particular game is compatible with your browser. If the game is compatible, then just click on it and start playing.

Cowboy School Game

The one game about which I want to talk is Cowboy School Game. In this game, you play as a third person shooter cowboy with targets appearing on the screen randomly. They not only appear randomly, they also keep moving on the screen. So you need to aim and shoot at them. You earn points on the basis of the shot.

3. Games.co.za:


The next website Games.co.za has a collection of 30 free cowboy games for you. For all the games, you have the summary to read and ratings to judge the game. Other than this, there aren’t any other options to know about the game unless you decide to play them.

Severe Road

For example, there’s a game called Severe Road where you play like a cowboy who has been hired to protect a train from the bandits. As the game will progress, you will have to face even more bad guys so you also need to upgrade your skills in order to defeat them. The controls of the game are simple. Use W/A/S/D to move the character and mouse to set the angle for shooting the villains.

4. One Online Games:

One Online Games

One Online Games is yet another destination for you to play lots of free cowboy games online. This website doesn’t offer you any details about the games. There is only a thumbnail preview of the game along with the game.

One Online GamesThe one game which I really enjoyed playing is Cowboy Games. In this game, you will have to shoot the enemies which will appear at random places. While you’re busy shooting them, do watch out for the civilians who’ll also appear randomly. This way, you have to avoid civilians, kill the enemies, and protect the city. Play the game to see if you can do it.

5. Games Loon:

Games Loon

The last website in this list is Games Loon. This website lists all the games with their name, description, rating, and a count of number of times they have been played so far. When you want to play a particular game, just click on it.

Mr. Cowboy

One of the best games available on the website is Mr. Cowboy. This game is about making a treasure map where you have to roam around to collect diamonds and map pieces. You have to do it in a given amount of time. Apart from just collecting diamonds and map pieces, you have a lot of other things like power-ups to collect along with the challenge of defeating enemies.

These are the 5 free websites to play free cowboy games online. Check them out to play like a cowboy and win.

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