5 Free Online Dirt Bike Racing Games Websites

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Here is a list of 5 free online dirt bike racing games websites. Dirt biking is one of the most popular and adventurous motor-sports out there, and these websites let you ride a dirt bike without any concerns about spending money or getting injured. You don’t even have to download and install anything, all you need is a network connection and a web browser. These websites have collections of a lot of dirt bike racing games, which vary on different parameters like difficulty level, locations, tracks, dirt bikes, and scoring system.

You can go and check all of these out to find out which one has the best game for you. So, let’s get started with them one by one.

1. Free Online Games:

Free Online Games

As the name suggests, Free Online Games provides you with numerous online games across different genre, all of which are free to play. On the landing page, you will see the listing of all the free dirt bike racing games. The listing shows only the thumbnail image previews of each of the games and if you hover the mouse over the game, you can see its name. There are 60+ drift bike racing games for you to play.

Out of those games, there’s one game which I found very interesting. The name of the game is New Industrial Site Stunts.  In this game, you have to ride your dirt bike through 10 intensive and obstacle filled levels. Each of the level gets difficult than the earlier and challenges you to show your ultimate balancing skills. The controls of the game are simple, Use arrow keys to control the dirt bike and hit Space Bar to jump over the obstacles. The USP of the game is its real looking visualization and almost real-life bike control simulation. While playing the game you will feel like you are riding your dirt bike against the backdrop of a dilapidated industrial site.

New Industrial Site Stunts

The other features of the website include display of info like game rating, total number of votes, video walk through, description, instructions etc.. The website also shows list of other games recommended for you and which you might like. You can also check the name of the publisher for any game available on the website.

2. Games Freak:

Games Freak

Games Freak will show you the list of all the dirt bike racing games. For each racing game, you can see the game name, ratings, and the thumbnail image previews. You can sort the games on the basis of Highest Rated, Most Played, and Newest titles. For the selected game for playing, you can resize the game window and check walkthroughs. The other info includes game description and list of games which you might like to play.

Out of all the games, I enjoyed playing Moto Trial Fest 2. This game challenges you with a wide variety of terrains for riding the dirt bike. You have to use the arrow keys to drive the dirt bike as well as to maintain the control over it. Each level is filled with different types of obstacles which will keep making it harder for you to control the bike. The unique thing about the game is the way the bike rider reacts to different situations and especially when it falls off the bike. Most of the time, it ends being funny when he falls down.

Moto Trial Fest 2

3. AGame:


AGame is the third website to play the dirt bike racing games for free. In the list, you will see the listing of games with their names and the thumbnail image previews. On hovering the mouse over any of the games, the website shows you brief info about the game. On selecting the game, you will find the options to check the info about the game, instructions to play, ratings, and mark as favorite. You need to have a registered account with AGame to mark any game as favorite.

My favorite game available on AGame is Super Bike X. This game uses almost realistic graphics and makes you feel like you are riding the bike in the forest with all the trees and greenery. Like most of the drift bike racing games, you have to use the arrow keys to control the bike and reach the finishing line without falling even once. The game also shows the time elapsed and the speedometer.

Super Bike X

4. Wheelgamer:


Wheelgamer is another website to play free dirt bike racing games. Like other websites, you will also find list of racing games with their name and thumbnail image preview. On the game playing interface, you will see the description, average number of ratings, and total number of votes. At the bottom, you will see the list of recommended games in the list which you might like to play.

The game which I loved playing was Mototrial USA. The game is about Mototrial championship which is taking place in USA this time. You have to go through 12 races before you can be crowned the next champion. You can also tune up your dirt bike before every race. All the 12 races are divided into 3 levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The game controls are same with arrows keys to control the bike, Space to apply the brakes, and Q/K for full acceleration.

Mototrial USA

5. GameTop:


GameTop is the final entry in this list that lets you play dirt racing games online. You will see a list of the games you want to play. Click on the game which you want to play and it will open up in the new tab. At the bottom, you can read the description and also see the other recommended games. The website doesn’t provide any other info or ratings about the selected game.

Although the games provided by this website aren’t too hard as compared to the ones provided by other websites in the list, but still they are good and interesting enough to play. I loved playing Beach Bike on the website. As the name suggests, you have to ride your dirt bike near the beach. You have to use arrow keys to control the bike and ride it around obstacles, trees, etc..

Beach Bike

So these are the 5 free online dirt bike racing games websites for you to play. Check them out and you just might find something to kill your boredom.

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