Watch Boring Videos Online To Make You Fall Asleep

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Napflix is a free service where you can watch boring videos to make you fall asleep. It can actually work when you are so tired but still are not able to sleep. There are some literally boring videos which you won’t dare to watch for more than 5 minutes. You may find some videos interesting but after 1 or 2 minutes, it would be too boring and you might fall asleep. Some of the example videos are:

  • A chicken walking for no reason continuously for 1 hour.
  • Watching an Hourglass.
  • A boring lecture of professor around 2 hours.
  • Watch life of Panda.

You can also explore categories to watch videos. Available categories are: Documental, Daily, Education, Sports, Cinema, Religion, Advertising, Music, Video games, etc.

free service to watch boring videos online to make you fall asleep

One thing that should be considered here is that not all videos are too boring. Some videos can help you relax your mind, such as: Burning fireplace, the sound of rain on a window, Tropical beach, etc. However, such videos are around 3-8 hours long. So that could actually be boring.

Use This Service To Fall Asleep By Watching Boring Videos:

Here is the homepage link of this service. There will be a slideshow playing on the homepage where the random videos will come. You will also be able to read the video title and brief introduction. Also, you can explore more videos using the bottom section. Apart from that, there is an option available to browse videos by categories.

explore and watch boring videos

This is all that you have to do. Play any video and try to watch it until you fall asleep. It also provides basic controls to play and pause the video.

watch a video

You can’t switch to next and previous videos. You need to go back and select some other video to start watching it.

The Verdict:

This service has nothing to do with Netflix. It is not a fork of Netflix nor a similar service. It has only one main aim: help people fall asleep. I guess this service can work for me as well as many others who are not able to sleep easily. The service has come with a very simple and easy solution to make you fall asleep. Just watch any boring video you don’t want to watch and see the magic in a minute or two.

Try this service.

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