View Cameras from Different Places in the World: WindowSwap

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In this article, you will read about a website called WindowSwap that lets you view cameras from different places in the world.

How awesome that would be if you can still look around in a quiet manner, just like having your own travel experience. Well, that’s what this new website does, WindowSwap. A couple created a website called WindowSwap that lets you get a view from someone else’s window around the world.

Considering that we are all stuck inside due to this coronavirus pandemic and there is not much travel happening around the world, this website brings the calm amidst the chaos around the world. When you switch to this website, you can feel what can it be to live in another part of the world during this time.

View Cameras from Different Places in the World: WindowSwap

WindowSwap is a simple online platform that lets you see form someone else’s window anywhere around the world. This new view may help you see the world without traveling.

For this, you can simply visit the website or click here to visit directly. On the homepage, you will see the option to click “Open a new window somewhere in the world”.

Open the window

After clicking this button, you will be redirected to a new window where you can see the view from someone’s window from around the world. You would also be able to hear the background white noise of that place too.

The place of the window will be mentioned in the top right corner and the name of the person whose view you will be seeing can be seen on the top left corner of the screen.

Window 1

The idea behind this platform is that people from around the world make short 10 minutes video of whatever is outside of their windows and send the video to the creators of the website. The same will be uploaded on the website as well.

Window 2

Through this website, people can explore the famous cities in indigenous ways, such as Beirut, Hawaii, Copenhagen, Germany, Sweden, and Mexico.

There will be various scenery you can view through this website such as raining, the beautiful wind across the field, beautiful plant scenery from someone’s window, the uncommon silence in the cities, the background soft or upbeat music in the house with the view of the street,  and much more. These videos may seem like the photos being upload but these are actually recorded videos of people from across the world.

In brief

WindowSwap is a really simple and awesome web application for someone who is a travel junkie (or not) and wants to look around how the world is looking during this time. This website is a great way to help people share the views from their windows with each other, so the world does not feel so much distant.

Try this website here.

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