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Unzip Online is a free platform to unzip files online. The website allows you to unzip the files available in your system or on the internet, very easily. You can simply copy the URL of the file in the provided space and unzip it. If your uploading files from system, the website allows you to upload up to 10 files (or 200 MB) at a time. It supports different file formats including some of the popular ones like zip, rar, tbz, tar, tgz, zar,  war, xz, etc. You can upload the files of the supported format and unzip it easily, without creating any account.

As we all know, to save space on the local disk we can zip (compress) files so that the file occupies very little space. While compressing the files, we can also encrypt it with a password which is sometimes not available in the files that are residing in a normal windows folder. There are a lot of software to unzip files, but, this website lets us unzip files online and forget about it. We do not have to keep anything on our system.

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Upload Compatible Files Or Enter URL And Unzip Files Online

To use this website to unzip files online is not at all a difficult task. The website specifies all the important things and you just have to follow it. You can use this website without creating any account and can start uploading files straightaway. You are allowed to upload as many as 10 files and up to 200MB of data at a time. The files are queued up in a list and are unzipped one by one. You have to click on the Upload queue button to start the process.

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The website also allows you to add files straight from the internet. You do not have to download them first and then upload them on the website again. Instead, you can simply paste the URL of the zipped file in the provided space on the website and unzip it online easily. The file will download automatically once it is unzipped.

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While you are uploading the files or entering the URL to unzip them online, there is one thing you have to keep in mind. The website specifies what formats does it support and you have to ensure that the uploaded file is of supported format. There is a long list of formats that the website supports. They are:

  • 7z
  • Zip
  • Rar
  • jar
  • bar
  • tar
  • bz2
  • war
  • bzip2
  • zar
  • gz
  • z
  • gzip
  • xz
  • tbz
  • tgz

All these formats are supported by the website.

Key Features

  • Simple to use
  • Efficient and quick
  • No registration or account required
  • Upload 10 files at a time
  • Unzip files present on the internet by entering URL
  • Supports a long list of file formats

Final Verdict For Unzip Online

It is a very efficient website with some useful features. I also like it for its simplicity and its ability to let you unzip files that are present on the internet. That is a very good feature of this website and it saves you a lot of time as well. You do not have to download any software to unzip files, if you’re using this website.

Try Unzip Online here.

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