Trello Alternative for Individuals to Reach Personal Goals with Day Highlights

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Caltra is free Trello alternative for individuals with repeated tasks, day highlights, and much more. Here this is a task manager for planning personal goals and milestones. It offers you a Trello like interface where you can add all your tasks and then mark them completed as you finish them. You can have a look at all the tasks and then you can use simple operations to change their states. Here team integration is missing because it is solely made for individuals. All you have to do is just sign in using Google account and then simply add all the milestones that you want to achieve.

This task manager here supports recurring tasks so you don’t have to manually add those. If you have task that you want to perform every week then it will automatically create it. You will not have to create that manually and you can specify repetition for multiple tasks there. Apart from task management, here it offers you a “Wellness” section where it lets you store your moment of the day. If you had moment that made you smile or motivated you then you can write that there and it will save that for you.

Caltra free trello alternative

Using Caltra to Plan personal Goals with Recurring tasks and Moment of the Day:

This is an extremely simple tool that you can use to plan personal goals with recurring tasks and moment of the day. All you have to do is just reach its homepage and then simply sign up using Google. After that, it will take you to the survey like interface where you have to define your goals and milestones. Also, here it will let you define the different tasks that need to be done in order to achieve the final goal.

caltra add your goals and milestones

In the end, it will take you to the main board where you can see all your tasks in the “Planned” list. You can select a task by clicking on the checkbox to add it to today’s tasks list. And when the task is completed, you can click on the checkbox again to move it from the today’s list to the “Completed” list. This way, you can manage all the tasks that you have added in it.

Caltra board

If you want to set a task as a recurring task then you can easily do that. Click on a task on the board from any list and then set recurring duration. You can opt to repeat a specific task after specified number of weeks. And you can do this for any task on the board.

caltra recurring tasks

Next thing is the “Wellness” section and here you can add the moment of the day. Anything that made you smile or anything you are grateful for, you can write it down here like you do in journal. You can add entry to any date and do whatever you want.

Caltra wellness moment of the day

This is all about this simple Trello alternative for individuals. Any small or big goals that you want to achieve you can manage that with the help of this Trello like tool. Just write down all the milestones and tasks and then you are good to go. The interface is simple and you will easily figure out how to add tasks in it and manage them.

Final thoughts

There are very few personal task managers out there that you can use. And Caltra is one of the best that you can use right now. The free plan is more than enough to get started and achieve your personal goal. Just break down your main goal into tasks and then keep marking them as you complete them. This will improve your productivity and you will enjoy using it. Also, if you want community support to see what methodology others are using then you can think of subscribing to the paid plan of the tool as well.

Editor Ratings:
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