Run Stable Diffusion Models and LoRas for Free: TensorPlay

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TensorPlay is a free online website where you can easily run Stable Diffusion models and LoRas. This website has a list of various Stable Diffusion inspired models that you can load and use. You can use one of the LoRas that it provides and then generate the art.

This website is basically a collection of all the new and popular AI models out there for image generation. You just specify a text prompt and depending on what model you chose; you will get the corresponding output.

Some of the models that it supports are listed below.

  • PastelMix
  • NeverEnding Dream
  • CyberRealistic
  • hanfu
  • RPG
  • Nyan Mix
  • Anything V5
  • Lofi
  • Protogen
  • Stable Diffusion 1 and 2
  • DreamShaper
  • Macaron-mix
  • MagicalMix
  • SmolOnes
  • BreezeMix-Realistic

You can choose any of the models from the above list and then go on to generate the images. The images are available to download and they don’t have any watermark. You can define your prompt with all the details and get the image. It even supports AI upscaling for images generated by some models.

Run Stable Diffusion Models and LoRas for Free: TensorPlay

You go and access the main website here and then create a free account. So, sign up using email and then browse through the list of models that it has to offer. There is a search box on the website you can use to find a specific model if you are looking for any.

TensorPlay Main UI

After choosing a model, go on to specify the text prompt. So, enter the text prompt and you can expand the advanced section to specify some more parameters. You can specify the resolution of the image that you want and more.

TensorPlay Prompt Interface

Finally, generate the art and then wait for a few seconds while it performs the magic. It will display the generated image or artwork to you now. You can inspect it and then save it on your PC. Use the download button given there to do it.

TensorPlay in Action

If it generates an unexpected output then you can regenerate an image as well. There is an option for that. And once you get what you want, you can simply export it and even save it in your profile. You can use this website in this way and use any model that you like.

Closing thoughts:

If you are looking for an absolutely free website to generate images from text then TensorPlay is one of the best free websites you can use. Here it has a plethora of AI text to image models with various presets. You can generate artwork, anime, and many other styled photos.

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