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ShiftEdit is a free, online IDE (Integrated Development Environment ) for developing and running scripts in the languages like Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby,Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript ans much more. The IDEs that are available generally involve downloading the software and using them locally on the computer. The advantage with this free online code editor is that the user need not endure the hassles involved in installing and working with an IDE Offline.

This web-based code editor allows the user to develop, edit and publish the application without worrying about software/OS compatibility. All that can be done with a conventional IDE, can be done online with ShiftEdit.


ShiftEdit being an online IDE, uses the popular protocols such as the FTP and the SFTP (File Transfer Protocols) and  DropBox to access/ or Publish the content that has been developed.

The user can experience multiple frames for various functionality, just like a Conventional IDE. And all this can be done with only the Web Browser.

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ShiftEdit boasts of the following features:

  • ShiftEdit allows Syntax highlighting, usage of tabs just like a normal IDE . It has a built in FTP support for seamless file transfers.
  • The intuitive code editor with features like displaying line numbers, block tabbing, syntax highlighting for web based languages like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP,
  • Undo and Redo options for rolling back the code changes.
  • Extremely fast operation because of a lighter design and simple interface.
  • Does not depend heavily on the internet bandwidth. The user can work real fast while using the code editor.
  • An interactive Find and Replace option that can be used to search for particular words, regular expressions, in an matter of seconds.
  • The unique File Transfer protocol support with which the user can create, delete and modify the resources and even rename them. Setting file permissions for Read/ Edit and Delete can also be done.
  • File revision history option provides the flexibility to go back to a previous version or a revision when something goes wrong during the process of  developing the application. The developer can also compare the changes incorporated into the current version with the older versions of the application.
  • The user can manage multiple sites using the same IDE. All the site details can be stored and can be made available when the user logs in every time.
  • Options to save bookmarks are also available. The most recently used applications or the most recently opened files can be opened instantly.
  • Sharing the sites with colleagues is possible and they can log in and view/edit  the site.
  • Dragging and dropping files into the editor for editing them is available.
  • The password for the FTP connection can be set and edited whenever required by the user, so that the security is not compromised.

All these features make ShiftEdit, a really cool IDE to work with for developing web applications using popular scripting languages.

Try ShiftEdit and make your web applications developing experience better and easier.

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