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Cloud9 IDE is a free online Integrated Devlopment Environment for web development. Apart from being used as an IDE, Cloud9 can also be used as a project management tool.

Essentially Cloud9 IDE runs on the web browser and is present in the cloud. This makes it possible for the user to create, view and edit the project from anywhere, anytime. This free online JavaScript IDE also allows the user to debug the web application to remove the errors and even deploy the application from any system. Further Cloud9 IDE in itself is an opensource project, which is open to review and modifications. The code for this software is available for free.

Cloud9 IDE

Cloud9 IDE is available as a paid version for the commercial projects. However the Cloud9 IDE is also available as a free version for the Open source projects.  The interesting fact is that, whatever be the project, the features available on free and paid versions are the same. When you choose to setup a project as Open Source, it can be viewed by anyone, even while you are working on it, and Google Bots can crawl it. So, if your project is not truly Open Source, then do not set it as such on Cloud9 IDE, just to save money.

Some other IDE that you can also try are Aptana Studio, and free ASP.Net IDE.

Let’s Take a Look at the Remarkable Features of Cloud9 IDE:

  • Work simultaneously: As said earlier, Cloud9 IDE apart from being a useful program editor, can also function as a project management tool. It allows collaboration between the team members and allows them to work on  various components of the project simultaneously. An organization can  be setup on the Cloud 9 dashboard and the project members can be assigned with various components of the project. The team leader can also receive consolidated organizational billing for the work done.
  • Work from anywhere: Since the IDE lives in the cloud, the developer can built, edit, view, debug and deploy the application from anywhere in the world using any computer. This feature is usually absent in conventional editors which are present only on the local system.
  • Simple Design: The simple design and an intuitive interface makes this IDE, extremely easy to use. This IDE has all the features that a conventional IDE possesses. Plus it has support for most popular programming languages. The list of programming languages supported is ever increasing. Being built on CSS, JavaScript and HTML, the IDE is so light and simple in design. Running the applications and debugging them using the generated URL can also be done.
  • Real-time Code analysis: Cloud9 IDE parses and analyses the code automatically every time, even before the developer executes it. This is an intuitive feature that saves a lot of time by indicating the errors, without having to run the code every time to check for errors.
  • Team management and communication: Organizations can manage the project from the Dashboard. The manager can add or remove a team member from the project, divide and allocate the work to the various project members. Further with integrated chat feature the team members can communicate seamlessly.

With all these street smart features, Cloud9 IDE is one of a kind software that assists in Web development projects.

Try Cloud9 IDE and start developing applications or managing projects

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