Free Attendance Recorder App for iPhone To Track Attendance

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Attendance Recorder is a free iPhone attendance recorder app for iPhone which lets you track your attendance easily. The app is very easy to use and is one of those apps with a neat and clean interface. You only have to enter the course name, total number of classes, classes held till date, classes missed by you, attendance required. After analyzing your data, app displays your current attendance % and estimated attendance, including the dates on which you missed the classes.

The best thing about the app is its simplicity. You only need to use a few taps to check your attendance record. You can change the data entered by you anytime and check the results in real time. This app doesn’t provide you with the option to save or share your attendance record with anyone else. The app doesn’t ask for any kind of details, neither tracks your location in background. The app works completely offline.

Entering Attendance Details

Using This Attendance Recorder App for iPhone:

Launch the app and you will see a blank White screen. This is the same interface where you will see all the courses added by you. You can see that there is a plus icon at top right corner. This is the option for adding new courses. The app doesn’t have any restriction on the number of courses you can add. So, you can add them whenever you want by simply tapping the icon.

Attendance Recordeer Homepage

On tapping this icon, you will see interface for adding new courses. You have to enter Course Name, Course Code, Total Classes, and % of Attendance required to give the exam.  Just below this, there is option for selecting the type of course: Lab or Theory.  After providing the details, tap on Done option at top right corner to save the course.

Just repeat this process to add all the courses for which you want to track your attendance.

Adding A New Course

After adding courses, its time to keep record of your attendance and track it. Tap on the course name for which you want to track attendance. On this interface, you have to enter number of classes held yet and number of classes missed by you. Tap on + icon to increase the number and tap on – option  to decrease it. So, once you have setup the app and provided all the initial data, you just need to click on the “+” icon whenever any class is held, and if you miss a class, click on the “+” icon next to Classes missed. That makes it pretty easy.

Depending on the data entered by you, app will display your current attendance % and estimated data %. The estimated attendance % is the estimated attendance percentage which you will achieve if you will attend all the classes from now onwards. It helps you in figuring out whether you can still make it to the cut off or not.

Entering Attendance Details

Note: The only flaw that I found while using this app is that it doesn’t let you enter date manually for the days on which you missed classes. Instead of manually, the app automatically takes the current date as the date for days on which you missed classes. For example, lets say you missed class yesterday, but you forgot to enter it in the app on that particular day. So when you enter that on a later date, the app will save that date as the one on which you missed the class.

So, make sure you record your attendance on the same day that the class is actually held.

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Final Verdict:

Attendance Recorder is a good attendance recorder app for iPhone. The app worked absolutely fine for me apart from the flaw which I mentioned above. It’s the simplicity of the app which attracted me more towards it. It has no annoying ads, pop-ups, etc.. Simply launch and use it. That’s it.

Get Attendance Recorder here.

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