2 Printable Letter Recognition Games Online Free

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After writing about letter recognition games in my previous article, here I am covering printable letter recognition games that are available for free. Learning online and playing educational games is fun for kids. In this post, you will find two websites where the letter games can also be printed. Kids can practice on worksheet again or can revise the letters if they want to. Playing educational games is good but playing games practically on a sheet of paper is much more fun and real.

These printable games can also be introduced in classrooms and playschools. Kids will love to attend their classes if they are made to play these fun games. Parents can also try these games with their kids. Apart from keeping them engaged, it will develop their interest in studies as well.

1. Education.com

Alphabet worksheets and printables

Education.com website has many educational games. It offers games for various subjects according to the grade the child is in. The site has games like tracing letters, joining dots, coloring the alphabets, etc. You can download these worksheets and provide these games to kids in a printable worksheet for letter recognition.

For example, a game named The Letter A in the above image asks the kids to recognize the upper/small case A. The game says that a kid has to fill uppercase with green color and lower case with red color. Thereafter, a child has to count total apples in the pyramid shape. There are other worksheets with different letters also. These worksheets help a child develop recognition of letters.

Other games like Alphabet Dot-to-Dot Dog House makes a child connect all the alphabets to make a dog house. This way you can easily make children learn alphabets in a playful manner. To get these worksheets, you need to visit the website and search for printable letter games. Then choose the sheets you want and take a printout of these activities. Using these games can help make your children smarter and encourage their learning power.

2. K5 Learning

Matching upper letter cases

K5 Learning is a smart website that offers not just printable letter recognition games but also lessons for assessment, free worksheets, reading comprehension for different grades. You can see in the above image, it has one uppercase along with three lower cases. Here, a child has to match the uppercase with the lower case of the same letter and then mark it with a circle.

To find these games, you can simply visit the website and search for letters in the search bar. In the results you will see many categories of printed letters that can be fun for kids to learn. It makes them more curious about learning letters. You can take out a print of different letters to make kids practice on them. Such activities will boost up their mind and also help them to recognize letters.

Another website where you can find similar games can be checked out here which can help kids to learn alphabets. They have multiple printable letter activity with colorful alphabets where a child has to recognize the letters. It helps them in their reading also. You can also read this article to teach kids how to spell.

In brief

The best way to stimulate the mind of a kid is through fun activities. Start with any activity like printable letter recognition games which can printed out by parents and teachers. Thereafter, kids will take an interest in learning new things with the help of these educational games. You will notice improvement in your child’s learning after trying these games. Try these activities with your kids or students and stimulate their mind.

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