5 Free Websites to Teach Kids How to Spell

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This article covers 5 free websites to teach kids how to spell. These websites offer various types of games to help kids learn their spellings. Specially at an early age when the kids are just learning how to join words together and spell them or pronounce them. That is the right time to make them learn spelling and more importantly make them learn how to spell. Which will include starting with small two lettered words and then moving on to easy 3 lettered words.

These websites that we have covered today let you teach kids in a fun way. By making them play spelling games, the websites ensure that the kids are learning as well as having fun doing the same. Let’s look at these free websites to teach kids how to spell below.

Kids Spell

Kids Spell is a free website to teach kids how to spell words. The website is pretty colorful and you will find that there are lessons given on the page. When you see the lessons there are small words under each lesson. You can select a lesson and play games around it. The games would include words which the lesson has. You get two options at the starting, you can select a spelling list from the given ones or you can create a custom list with the words that you want to teach your kid. When you click select a spelling list you will get a list of lessons. You can start with lesson one and when your kid learns the words in lesson one you can move on to the next one.

The spelling games are also divided into various modes of difficulty like easy, hard, and hardest. There are also practice spelling basics games which you can play. Once you selected a lesson you can go ahead and choose a game that you want to play. The first game which I tried out was spelloons. In this game there are words written on balloons. You have to click on the words which are a part of your lesson only. The balloons with other letters don’t have to be touched. Just let them fall to the bottom where there are spikes to burst them. Just keep the words in your lesson afloat. Sounds fun, right.

A screenshot of this game is shown above. Other similar games are also available on the website which help kids learn how to spell a word. When the kids are done with the simple games and have mastered them, then you can move onto the hard games.

Learning Games for Kids

Learning Games for Kids is a free website which offers games to help kids learn how to spell. As you can see in the screenshot above there are various games which kids can play that involve them to spell words out. There are games like hangman, crossword, letter blocks, word scramble, word search, bouncing letters, etc. You can try out all the games and find out which one your kid likes the most. One of the games you will come across is letter blocks, which you can see in the screenshot below.

In this game you are given a block of letters and you have to find words in them. The words can be 3 or more letters. Just click on the letters to select them, and double click the last letter of the word to enter the word. The word will disappear from the board and new letters will be added to the board. So keep going until you level up and get a new board to play on. Similarly, you can make kids play other games as well. Gradually, they will become proficient in spellings they are learning.

PBS Kids Spelling Games

PBS Kids Spelling Games is a great website to play some amazing spelling games. The PBS kids website is anyways very popular for all the games and knowledge it provides. The spelling section of the website is no different. It is amazingly well made with all the games having beautiful graphics and sound. All the games are listed on the home page of the website which you can scroll and check out. The games you will find are spectacular sound Bingo, alphabet soup, puppy letters, spectacular spelling play, etc. We will start with the spectacular sounds Bingo, the screenshot of this game can be seen in the screenshot below.

In this game you have some letters given and the background voice will tell you the sounds and you have to select which word makes that sound. If you guess all correctly, then a picture card is unlocked. This game teaches kids what letter makes what sound. After this you can move on to a game where using these sounds you need to spell a word. These games prove to be very good for initial learning for the kids, because once they learn the sounds, then it will be easier for them to join and spell words.

British Council Speak and Spell

British Council Speak and Spell is a free website to learn how to speak and spell the English alphabets. The website is developed by British Council and is a very trusted website. The website is also very popular among kids for all the learning it provides. The website is quite colorful as can be seen in the screenshot above. There are various games which are listed under different segments like sounds, speak, and spell. You can start with the sounds games to learn the sounds that the letters make, then move on to speaking them and then spelling the words. Each section or game will have a video which you can watch and then there will also be printable stuff which you can use. You can print exercise sheets, answer sheets, etc.

You can see one such exercise above in the screenshot. You can watch the video and then from the documents section below, you can print the entire story, print an activity sheet, and also print the answers.

Interlink Language Centers

Interlink Language Centers is a free website with lots of spelling lessons on it. The website is pretty basic and you would not find any color or animation on it. All the lessons are listed as shown in the screenshot above. The lessons are divided into 2 categories quizzes with sounds, and quizzes with no sound. When you start playing the first game in level 1, you will see a screenshot like the one shown in the screenshot below.

In this you have to read the question given and then listen to the audio sound. The audio will speak out the word for you and you have to type in the word in the provided box. Then go ahead and click the check button to know whether you spelled the word right. Similarly, answer other questions too. The words with no sounds let you practice by giving you two spellings of the same word and you have to pick up the right one.

These are the 5 free websites to teach kids how to spell. You can start with anyone as they are all good resources to make kids learn spellings. I liked the PBS Kids and British Council websites a lot. They both have amazing graphics and sound. The games are easy to play and kids would definitely enjoy learning from them. So give these websites a try and see which one suits you.

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