3 Online Board and Batten Spacing Calculator Free Websites

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Here is a list of 3 free online board and batten spacing calculator websites. Most of these sites help you find out number of linear feet of boards and battens needed based on the board and batten width, gap between boards, etc. One website on this list also helps you check number of battens and center spacing needed based on the input values.

You can add values like work length (or total area length for which you want board and batten siding), centers, spacing type (exact or adjust for equal spacing), board spacing, etc., and then you will get the calculations.

Let’s check these online board and batten spacing calculators.

Blocklayer Batten Spacing Calculator

Blocklayer batten spacing

Blocklayer brings a very useful batten spacing calculator. Here is the link. A diagram is also provided by it for batten spacing and number of battens required based on the input values. You can set:

  • Work length (total area for battens).
  • Center spacing.
  • Batten width.
  • Spacing type: exact spacing or adjust for equal spacing.
  • Adjustments: bottom set-in, top set-in, etc.

Once you add such details, you can get the calculations. You can also adjust work length and centers using the sliders and the output will come accordingly. In the output, it will show number of battens needed to cover work length, center (or space values), last center value, etc. It also shows if last center space is not fit (based on exact spacing), then a batten will be added which will reduce last center space.

Inch Calculator

Inch Calculator

Inch Calculator helps you check board and batten siding calculation to cover a wall. It calculates number of linear feet of boards needed, battens, furring strips, and total number of boards and battens required based on the input values. The input values include wall height, width, board spacing, board width, number of windows, and doors in the wall.

You can enter wall width and height, board width and spacing (in yard, feet, cm, in, or m) and add values for number of doors and windows to get the result. It also provides suggestion if wall will have an extra space at the end. In yes, then it will show you that you should trim boards to a specific value to remove that gap. I like this feature.


Trestlewood board and batten spacing calculator

Trestlewood.com website is also helpful for board and battle siding calculation. Click this link to access this tool. The advantage of this website over Inch Calculator (mentioned above) is you can add multiple rows and then add different data to calculate board and batten linear feet results.

You can add input details which include square feet area needed, batten width (in inches), board width, and gap between boards in different rows, and then get the output.

We’ve also covered wall framing calculators for you.

The Conclusion:

These are three useful online board and batten spacing calculator websites you can try. If you want to check number of battens and center spacing, then the first website will be more useful. If you need a website that can provide board and batten siding calculator, then next two websites are good to try.

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