3 Online Wall Framing Calculator Free Websites

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Here is a list of 3 free online wall framing calculator websites. Wall framing includes wall plates, footer wall plate, studs, upper wall plate, and headers (or lintels), which serve as a nailing base and support for a wall. It is handy for home constructors for interior and exterior walls. With these wall framing calculators, you will be able to find out the material needed (number of studs, plates, area of wall, sheaths, etc.) for wall framing.

While one wall framing calculator is helpful for single wall, others are helpful for exterior wall. You can use some other important features also. For example, you can add number of windows, doors, and walls, set rake angle, number of corners, stud width n height, etc. Based on the input, you can check the material needed to construct wall frame.

Let’s check these free online wall framing calculators one by one.

Wall Framing Calculator by Blocklayer.com

Wall Framing Calculator- Single Wall

Blocklayer.com bring a very useful wall framing calculator for single wall. Here is the link. It calculates stud spacing, number of studs, sheets, wall area, and sheeting width (or fit) based on the wall length. Stud spacing diagram metric is also visible.

You need to fill details like wall length, stud thickness, stud width n height, sheet width, rake angle, aligned sheeting available or not, etc. If you enter some incorrect value, then it also shows you that what should be the optimal value to get the meaningful output. This is a very good feature that I like.

You can also adjust number of studs, scale, and rake angle using the available sliders. Based on the input, you get the result.

Stud Wall Framing Material Calculator

Stud Wall Framing Calculator

This is a simple website that helps to find out the material that is needed to frame an exterior stud wall. The link to this wall framing calculator is here. You need to enter details like length of wall, height of wall, number of corners, partition walls, etc., and then it will give you the result. It will show number of plates, sheathing, area of wall, and studs needed for exterior stud wall.

This website is mainly helpful when there are no doors and/or windows in the wall. If this meets your requirement, then this is a nice option to try.

Exterior Wall Framing Calculator

Exterior Wall Framing Calculator

If you have doors or windows in exterior wall, then this Exterior Wall Framing Calculator is definitely helpful. Its link is here. You can add wall, window, and doors and also fill details like wall length, corners, partitions, window width n height, ply, door width n height, cripples (or supports needed), etc. Add these details, set wall height, stud spacing, etc., and generate the result.

The output will show number of plates, wall area, headers, total sheathing, studs, and other material needed to generate wall frame. You can also remove any wall, door, or window and the result will be generated accordingly. This is an interesting and quite useful wall framing calculator.

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The Conclusion:

These are three good and free online wall framing calculators. The first option is definitely very handy because it brings a lot of options for single wall framing. But, other wall framing websites are also useful. The second website is good for exterior wall with no doors and windows and the third website is simply good when you have single or multiple doors, walls, and windows. Try these wall framing websites.

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