Generate SQL Data Online with these Free Test Data Generator Websites

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Here are some free websites to Generate SQL Data Online. Using these websites, you can generate random SQL data for testing. To generate SQL data, you specify some details about the schema and these will give you a SQL file which you can use in your projects or for testing your own applications. Here these websites take some parameters like field names and their type from you and generate the test data for you which you can download.

On some of the following websites, you can even download the test data in other formats as well. After getting the data, you can feed that in various database systems like MySQL, PostGreSQL, and others. Also, that data will be useful for testing tools which perform some action on SQL data like converting SQL to CSV, Excel, etc.

If you test database and other tools which require you to input a SQL file then you will find these websites handy. Since, creating a SQL file manually will take some time and if you want huge data like 1000 or more rows then creating that manually will not be a good idea. That is where you can use these websites to do the heavy lifting for you. You just specify the fields and their type along with number of rows you want. After that, these will generate  SQL data for you which you can download and save on your PC.

Generate SQL Data Online with these Free Test Data Generator

Generate SQL Data Online with these Free Test Data Generator Websites:

Online Test Data Generator

Online Test Data Generator

Online Test Data Generator is  a simple and one of the best free SQL data generator you can try. Here you can use this tool to generate thousands of random rows in SQL form and then download all the code in a SQL file. On the main homepage of the website, all you have to do is specify the type of data you want in the columns. data types such as last names, first names, IP addresses, job titles, date-time, countries, US state, and some others are available. In the end, specify the number of rows you want and get the corresponding data file. And not just SQL, but it lets you export the generated data as CSV, JSON, Excel, and XML.

Use given link and then you will land on the main page. There is a random SQL template is ready to download. But if you want customize SQL data then you can modify the schema and spicy the type of data you want in the columns. You can add as many columns you want and even preview the final data as well. After everything looking good, you’re all ready to download the test SQL data. Specify the number of rows and then hit the “Export” button. The file will start downloading and then you are free to do anything you like.


Mokaroo generate SQL data free online

Mockaroo in the free plan lets you generate random SQL data for up to 1000 rows. It takes information like field names, their type, their data type, table name, and some others. It even lets you opt for adding the create statement in the SQL file if you want to. There are different categories available for the field names in the SQL file such as first names, last names, IP addresses, animal names, locations, colors, company names, credit card numbers, dummy image URL and a lot others. You just select any data type, specify the corresponding field names and how many rows you want in the final file.

To use the free tier of the website, you don’t have to sign up or register. You just use the above link to reach the main SQL data generator interface ad specify your preferences. Specify field names, and corresponding type that you want. You can specify as many fields as you want. To add more fields, click on the “Add another field” button and then you are done. Hit the download button to download the SQL file and then do whatever you want. Before downloading a file make sure that you have selected SQL as the format for the file because it supports to generate random data in other formats as well.


Generate Data dot com sql data generator

GenerateData is another handy tool which you can use to download test SQL data on your PC. Just like other websites in this list, it uses the same approach. You specify some parameters related to the SQL and then it will give you the data. It mainly takes field names and their type from you and then gives you the SQL. In the final SQL file, you can choose to add CREATE and DROP table queries and even choose a different export format as well. Apart from SQL, you can specify CSV, JSON, Excel, LDIF, like formats too.

You just go to the homepage of this tool and then start specifying the parameters for the SQL fields and their corresponding type. It even lets you specify the type for data fields that you add in your schema. After that, specify the number of rows you want in the SQL that will be generated. Hit the Generate button finally to get the file, It will show you the generated the SQL data and then you can copy that from there or download it directly.

SQL Data Generator

Free Data Generator

SQL Data Generator is another free online tool to generate random SQL test data. It can generate SQL data for specific database as well. You can fully control what you want to get in the SQL file and then simply download that. You just have to specify the parameters related to SQL and then simply get the file. Here this website has a collection of randomly generated data like list of names, list of companies, fake email addresses, and some other type of random data. You can choose any data type to be used in the schema and then download that. Additionally, you can specify the target database type as well for the final SQL file.

Go to homepage of the website and then simply specify what you want. After that, just enter the data type that you want to have in the final SQL file. You can add as many columns you want and then specify the target format as SQL on the website. The SQL file will start downloading on your PC and then you can use that wherever you want. There is a nice feature in this tool that you can create child tables as well. And it will give you its equivalent code in SQL.

SQL Fiddle

SQL Fiddle

SQL Fiddle is actually an online testing tool that you can use to test SQL against a database. It is basically meant for database developers. It doesn’t actually supports generating test SQL data but you can use the sample SQL code that it has on the website. There is a “Sample Fiddle” on the website which is nothing but a simple SQL code that you can use. The code that it as is short but can be used for small tools. If you just want a valid SQL code with schema code and a some random field values then you can get that from this website. There is no need to sign up for an account to use this tool. You just access the main homepage of the SQL tool from above and then click on “View Sample Fiddle”. It will immediately load a ransom SQL code in the editor that you can copy and save on your PC. Also, you can use this code anywhere you like and in nay database tool that you are testing.

Final thoughts

These are the best online test data generator websites to generate SQL data for free. In just a few clicks, you can generate huge or small SQL data that you can feed to various database systems and tools for testing. All the websites that I have listed generate valid SQL code and in case you want SQL for specific DB systems some websites above let you do that. Also, I really liked their ability to generate random test data in other format as well such as CSV, JSON, Excel. You can use any website from this list based on your needs. If you need a tool to generate a lot of SQL data then you can rely on Mockaroo and SQL Data Generator. And if you want to generate short SQL code then you can use other websites that I have mentioned above.

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