4 Free Anonymous URL Shortener Services with no logs, no HTTP Referrer

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This post lists some best free anonymous URL shortener services. These services can generate a short URL for you that has no HTTP reference. Also, these services don’t keep the logs of the usage, and they are good for sharing something privately. These services are very simple and straightforward and does not offer advanced features like the such as analytics and number of clicks. You just to give them a long URL, and then they will make it short for you so that you can share them easily via any media. Apart from URL shortening, these services also allow you to generator no referral link that you can embed on your websites.

There are many URL shortener services that we have covered previously on our blog. But the ones mentioned here are privacy oriented URL shorteners for people who like to use services with no tracking and ads. The short link redirects to the target directly and there is no sign up or registration is required in order to generate one. However, the websites mentioned here only support sequential short link generation. For now, you cannot generate short links in bulk. You just land on the main homepage of these services and create a secure short URL from any long URL that also hides your HTTP referrer.

4 Free Anonymous URL Shortener Services with no logs, no HTTP Referrer

4 Free Anonymous URL Shortener Services with no logs, no HTTP Referrer


anon to anonymous url shortener

Anon.to is one of the best and free URL shortener to create links that hide your original HTTP referral. It also offers you the de-refferer service which is different than the short link generation as that generates a long URL. It works in very simple and straightforward manner as you just input a long URL on its main interface and get the corresponding short link. Here it adds a randomly generated hash in your short link and tries to keep it as simple as that.

So, you just go to the main homepage of the service using the link above and then enter the source URL that you want to shrink. After that just click on the “Shorten” button and it will immediately show the short URL. You can just copy the link that it has just generated for you and use it whenever you want. And apart from this, if you want to generator redirect link for your websites and blogs that hides your reference then you can scroll down and generate one from there.


2222.at anonymous url shortener

2.222.at is another URL shortener service that you can use to generate anonymous links. Here this URL shortener is similar to the one above and works in similar way. Here you can also register a free account in case you want to track all the links that you have created so far. The link generation is as simple as specifying an input URL and getting the output short link. And just like the tool above, it also offers you de-refferer URL generator for your blogs and websites.

If you just want to generate a few links then there is no need to create an account. But in case you want to keep track of all the link that not generated so far, sign up for a free account. After that you just are generating a link by entering a long URL on the main home page. Click on the “Shorten” button and then it will show you the finally generated URL that you can share with anyone you want.

Anonymous URL Shortener

anonymous url shortener in action

Anonymous URL Shortener is yet another free secure and privacy oriented URL shrinking service you can use. On the main home page, they claim that they don’t keep records of all the activities done on their too. There are no server logs, ads, statistics, and cookies. The URL shortener is very straight forward and there is no need to create a new account in order to use it. It can generate a temporary link that will delete automatically or you can generate persistent link that will live up to a year. However, here it does not support bilk link shortening.

You just reach the main home page of the tool using the link above and then start generating your link. You see that the interface of the tool is very simple and easy to understand. Just input along URL and then generate the corresponding short URL. Although it does not support bulk link shortening, but it does offer its link shortener API. You can make use of the API to generate bulk link if you have any idea of programming and building HTTP API requests.


Anonymiz url shortener in action

Anonymiz is the last free URL shortener in my unit you can use to generate secure short URL from long ones. It works exactly in the same way as the above services and offers a very simple interface to do that. There are two main features of this tool; wants to generate short URL and the other one is to generate a redirect URL that hides your original HTTP refer. That’s it and apart from the link shortening, it offers some other nice tools such as Cloudflare IP resolver.

Just go to the main homepage of the website from above and then enter a long URL that you want to shrink. Just click on the “Short It” button and it will immediately show you the generated short link. You can copy that link and then just you are free to do anything you want to do that. If you want to generator the reference then just go to the respective action and then do that as it sees. There are some other tools on the website that you may want to check out, and they are mainly related to torrenting.

Final words:

These are the best free anonymous URL shortener services that you can use right now. All these work in the same way as conventional URL shorteners work and its just they offer some more privacy to your data and your generated links. All the services that I have mentioned here work with single URL but one of the service offers an API so you can use that to generate anonymous short links in bulk. Overall the functionality is very straightforward and if you are looking for some privacy oriented URL shortening services and you will like these tools.

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