Android Privacy Screen App by BlackBerry to Hide Screen from Others

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Privacy Shade is a free privacy screen app for Android by BlackBerry to hide screen from others. Using this app, you can easily hide everything on your Android screen by adding a dark shade over the entire screen except for a small area which will be visible. This can help you stop other people around you from snooping or seeing your screen activities. Even though the entire screen gets shaded except for a small area, you can still interact and control the full screen of your Android phone.

You can set the small visible area either in a rectangular shape or a circular shape. In addition to that, you can drag the small visible area to any position on the screen. This privacy screen app also allows you to adjust the transparency to make the hidden or shaded screen area lighter or darker as you desire.

privacy screen app

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Note: Even though this app is exclusive to BlackBerry devices with Android support, but it can actually be installed on any Android device with the help of “BlackBerry Manager” app. I have explained steps for that below.

How to Hide Android Screen from Others Using This Privacy Screen App:

If you have a BlackBerry device with Android OS, then you can directly install Privacy Shade app from Google Play Store. But, if you want to use this privacy screen app on other Android devices then you have to first install BlackBerry Manager on your phone. After installing BlackBerry Manager, simply open it up and you will see the “Privacy Shade” app which you can now install on your Android phone.

After that, simply tap on the “Privacy Shade” app and it will automatically hide the entire screen by adding a dark shade except for a small rectangular area which is clearly visible, as shown in the below image. Initially, the shade will be light but do not worry as you will also be able to change the opacity of it from app settings. Even if shade is applied, you can still interact with the entire screen.

You can also use the “BlackBerry Privacy Shade” option in your notification tray to turn on or off the shade. You can move the visible area to any position you want by simply dragging it. To drag the area, you would need to tap on the “Eye” icon and then move the visible area to any desired position. At the top of the screen, you will also see a “Settings” icon using which you can access all the app settings.

Once you tap on the “Settings” icon, it will open up a menu with 3 different settings using which you can disable the visible area, toggle visible area style, and change the transparency of the shaded area. It offers a rectangular and circular style for the small visible area which you can toggle whenever you want.

When you tap on the “Transparency” icon, it will open up a slider which you can drag to adjust the transparency of the shaded area. You can either make the shaded area lighter or darker as you need. Doing this, you will be able to prevent others from snooping on your screen while you are using your phone.

Closing Words:

Privacy Shape by BlackBerry is a pretty useful Android app for all those people who wants to hide the screen from others to snoop at. That means it can come handy in case you’re reading some sensitive and confidential documents in a public place, or while traveling in a metro, and so on. Personally, I like this app as it adds a new and unique level of security to your Android phone.

Get “Privacy Shade” from here for BlackBerry devices.

Get “BlackBerry Manager” from here for other Android devices.

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