Android App To Hide Apps Without Root

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PrivateMe is a free Android app to hide apps without root permissions. With this Android app hider, you can hide any Android app (except the system apps) from your Android App Drawer. The hidden apps can only be then accessed from the interface of this app, and you can password protect this app. You can even hide this app from your Android launcher and make its icon look like a simple calculator. Apart from apps, you can also hide photos in this app. This app basically creates a secret space from where you can access the hidden applications.

However, I wasn’t able to find any option to Unhide app in this app. So, you have to delete apps from this app and install them again to unhide them. I know that this is not the best way to hide apps but this is the best I could find during my research. However, the app offers a lot of security features and creates a secret space to access the hidden apps. You can password protect it and prevent other users from uninstalling this app. And frankly, I wasn’t able to find any other solution for non-rooted phones to hide Android apps. So, for me, this is as good as it gets.

hide android apps without root- privateme- select hide app option

Note: The app might not be available in some countries. If the app is not available in your country then you can download its APK from here or use any of these Android VPN apps to download it from Google Play Store.

You can also check out these app lockers to lock Android apps. I would recommend you to check out this Android app which lets you lock apps by volume keys pattern.

However, if you need to hide an app completely, then PrivateMe app can simply hide the apps from others’ eyes and they will not have any clue about the hidden app as it is completely uninstalled from the phone after hiding. The best part is that unlike other apps available in the Play Store it doesn’t require any root permissions to hide apps. This app also gives you the option to clone Android apps. This feature is quite similar to Parallel Space which allows you to use two instances of an app on Android OS.

Here is a simple video to hide apps without root:

How to use this free Android app to hide apps without root:

To hide Android apps, this app makes a clone of the app to be hidden and asks you to uninstall the app to be hidden from the phone. After the app is uninstalled from the phone, you can only access it from PrivateMe interface. You can password protect this app, prevent other users from uninstalling it, and even turn its interface into a basic calculator app so that no one can get a clue that you have an app hider installed on your phone.

Let’s now see the steps hide Android apps without root by this app:

Step 1: After installing this app, open it and tap on the “+” button, and select the “Hide local apps”. If you want to install apps from Play Store in hidden mode, then select the “Hide new apps” option. After that, it will open Play Store and you can install apps in the hidden mode.

hide apps without root using privateme

Step 2: After that, you’ll see a list of Android apps. You can only select one app at a time. Select an app to hide and tap on the “HIDE” button. This app will then hide this app within its interface and prompt you to uninstall it from the phone. After hiding the app, you can only access it through PrivateMe.

android app to hide android apps without root- select apps to hide

As I mentioned, you can even hide this app from the Android app drawer. For this, you have to enable its “Cover Mode” from settings. After that, it will prompt you to specify a code which you will have to enter in its calculator interface to open its main interface. Now, the PrivateMe icon will change to a calculator and when you will open it, you will first see a calculator. Type the secret code to open its main interface and access the hidden apps or hide new apps.


PrivateMe is a free Android app to hide apps without root. I will definitely recommend you to backup any important data before hiding apps because this app resets the hidden app completely. I know this might not be the best way to hide apps but this is the best that I could find for non-rooted Android phones. Apart from this limitation, it provides a hidden and safe places for the hidden apps. Do check it out as it doesn’t require any root privileges and completely free to use :)

Download PrivateMe.

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