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Spending Tracker, is a free Windows 8 expanse manager app. It’s is a simple Windows 8 app to manage your income and expenses, so that you can know which are the areas you are spending more, and hence help you cut the extra expenses. Whether you are into a business or just want to manage your monthly budget, you can always use this handy Windows 8 expense manager app. You can add an entry for expense or income on dates basis, and then review there reports on Weekly, Monthly and Yearly basis. It also gives an over view of your current monthly expense. And if you realize that you made a mistake in an entry, then you can also edit and save it. You can add as many accounts as you want, and then keep a record of all income and spendings.

Spending Tracker - hub

Manage monetary expenses using this Windows 8 expense manager app:

As money is the one of the most vital thing in everyone’s life. So, there’s a big amount of time invested in making the app’s interface clean, sleek, and designing it in the right way; so that there’ll be less chances of making mistakes. For example: categorizing the areas of expenditure and incomes, simple and easy options to add a new entry for both income and expenditure, allowing you to view the final report/summary in graph, pie chart based on filters of week, month, and year etc. A really cool thing about this Windows 8 expense manager app is it also shows balance of each month or a complete year at the beginning according to the filter that you have selected. So, you don’t have to calculate the expense and income; the app does it for you.

Also the app makes use of big icons and fonts, that are easy to read or understand. This could be a good point of this Windows 8 expense manager app for weary eyed people. There are well enough categories inbuilt within the app; that you can tag with the entries. The income category, by default has only one category: Salary. But you can create your own custom category for income entries. You can do that when your are adding an income entry, there’s a Category field; simply type your custom category in there and then fill rest of the fields, finally save the entry. This new category will be visible in rest of the entries.

Spending Tracker - adding custom income category

Since, the app has a fine design. So, you can easily understand what went in a particular month or week (in terms of income and spending) by having a simple look at it. The three filters that is Weekly, Monthly, Yearly; are present at the top right corner of the screen. Besides these there is an option to change the account. The accounts in this Windows 8 expense app are the separate accounts for each different person. Yes, you can manage the expenses of each single person separately. In order to add a new account, right click on the screen and you’ll get flyouts at the top and bottom, simply click on the Account toggle button in the top flyout. This directs you to the Accounts screen; right click again and click on Add button. Then type the account name, give a suitable color, and click on Save.

Spending Tracker - adding new account

The flyout mentioned above which contains Accounts toggle button, also contains some other toggle buttons. It includes: Hub, Transactions, Reports, Categories, and Backups. The Hub is what, shows summary of all the transactions, balance, Salary in Pie chart, and graphical report of expense and income. Transactions show only the transactions of a month, week, or year. Reports show only the graphical report of income and expenses. Categories shows the pre built and custom added categories. The Backups is to save a backup of all data in the cloud, but it’s not free you’ve to pay few bucks for that.

In order to add an entry, simply go to Hub, and click on the Expense or Income button present in the summary part of screen. Simply fill in the fields and click on save, and to edit saved entry, go to Transaction and right click on desired entry. This shows a flyout at the bottom, click on Edit button.

Spending Tracker - transactions

A really good feature in this Windows 8 expense manager app, when you are adding entries; those entries that are going to repeat again and again either weekly or monthly. You can set them on repeat mode, by switching Repeating to “On”; hence giving you relief from manually entering again and again.

Spending Tracker - adding new transactions

Key features of this Windows 8 expense manager app:

  • Available for free.
  • Add income-expense transaction entries and  manage them.
  • Add records on daily basis
  • View summary, graph reports, balance, and transactions.
  • Edit-save or delete records.
  • Live tile in Start Screen showing income, expenses, and balance of current month.
  • Simple and easy to use.

You can also check out these free Windows 8 alternatives of this app: Money Lover Plus and Ubudget.

Final note:

Spending Tracker, is a good to have Windows 8 expense manager app. Though at first I got a little confused, while adding entries. But once I got hold of it, it became easy. Above all it has multiple features that makes it a good Windows 8 app. Download it from the Finance Category from Windows Store, or click on the link.

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Works With: Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Free/Paid: Free

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