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Nearby Doctors is a free health and fitness app for Windows 8. Remember the time when you or the person for whom you care a lot, got sick, and you don’t know about the nearby doctors’ information and their office address. At such times you felt an urgent need of someone who can help you in anyway in finding the right doctor. In situations like that, this free health and fitness app for Windows 8 can be of great use.

With the help of this Nearby Doctors app for Windows 8, you can not only find all the nearby doctor’s office address and contact number, but you can also view the doctors official website (if available), Yahoo Local Listing (also called Local Search) of their office, and other information like his contact number, specialty, ratings etc. or map it in Bing maps. This app is made only for people living in USA.

This Nearby Doctors app is present under the Health & Fitness Category in Windows Store.

Nearby Doctors - search results

Learning more about the app:

Nearby Doctors is an extremely useful app with a great concept. There are multiple times when you’ll feel the need to go visit a doctor. At those times if you don’t know the information of nearby doctors, then you can use this free Windows 8 app, and find all the nearby doctors’ office addresses. Like said before this app is only useful to the people living in USA, because it only finds the locations which are in USA. The locations are obtained by the GPS inside your device, and if the device doesn’t have the GPS, then it uses the IP Address.

Nearby Doctors - mapping a search result

Simply open the app, and you’ll get the Home Screen which contains your location mapped in Bing map. You can use this map as the way you do in the web browser. Make a Right Click on this screen, and you’ll get a flyout at the bottom consisting options to Search, Refresh Search, and Filter the Search by specialty. The good point to notice here is: Now instead of getting all the random results, which are not that relevant to you, and wasting your time browsing through them, you can filter the search to requisite ones, and ultimately speed up the search.

Nearby Doctors - filtering search

Simply click on the Filter Button on the above mentioned flyout and choose the requisite specialty. Then click on Search button to search for doctors. You need to enter the five digit zip code of the states, so you can’t enter states names or doctor’s name in the search filed. Once you make a search you’ll get all the relevant results listed on the left side of the screen, these results contain the offices name, address, contact number, distance from your location, ratings, and reviews. Simply click on one of the result, that result gets mapped in the Bing Maps on the right side of screen. Using this map you can then manually track the best way to reach the location.

Nearby Doctors - sharing via mail

You can also view the Yahoo Local listing of selected doctor’s office or visit their official website within the app. Simply click on the requisite button on the search result screen. Another good feature of the app is it lets you share a particular doctor’s address and other information with friends using the Share Charm (Win + H). This can be of great assistance when a friends of yours comes to you asking for a nearby doctor.

Key features of this Health And Fitness App:

  • Freely available.
  • Very effective and informative health and fitness app for Windows 8.
  • Provides nearby doctors office address, phone number, distance, ratings, and reviews.
  • Map a search result in inbuilt Bing map.
  • View doctor’s office Yahoo Local listing or visit their official website within the app.
  • Filter a search by specialty such as: cardiologist, dermatologist, neurologist, opticians, and many more.
  • Live tile in Start Screen.
  • Option to use Share Charm.
  • Simple and easy to use.

Final take on Nearby Doctors:

Nearby Doctors is an extremely handy Windows 8 health and fitness app. It is a useful app for everyone. This health and fitness app is totally functional and does what it advertises. You can make use of the app anytime, specially at times when there’s an urgent need of doctor. Plus you can also use the Share Charm. Though I felt the need of Search Charm as it’s not supported in the app. But it doesn’t stop Nearby Doctors from being a well-made Health And Fitness App for Windows 8. Definitely a must have free app.

Get Nearby Doctors here.

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