5 Online Mapping Websites

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Here, is a list of 5 free online mapping websites.

Maps are the best source for viewing location of any particular place or object on earth. And with technological advancement, it has now become even more convenient to find places on maps using internet. There are many online mapping websites available these days which not only provide accurate geographical information, but also lets you get directions of places you are searching for.

Google Maps is one such popular and well-known mapping service that lets you easily find places on Earth. And many of us usually go to this online mapping website when we have to get directions for somewhere. However, there are many other similar sources available which can serve as good alternatives.

Here we have brought some of the best online mapping websites for you. Have a look and give them a try.

Google Maps:

google maps

On top of our list is Google Maps, probably the most incredible online mapping source which offers huge details on maps and locations. It collects geographical data from satellite (not necessarily in real-time) and displays high-resolution images in street view, 3D photographic view, and satellite view. Street View is an amazing feature of Google Maps which lets you explore places from all over the world through images that can be rotated at an angle of 360 degrees and viewed from different aspects (unfortunately the feature is not available in India).

The site comes with an intuitive interface and excellent search capabilities. You can search for any place using its address, business name, airport code, zip code, etc. The resulting map will figure out the location with tiny balloon indicators. These maps can be zoomed-in or out to wide stretch the area, or panned easily by holding the left mouse button down and moving it to different directions.

Apart from that, Google Maps offers a route planner that helps you in finding directions easily. And whenever you search for directions from one place to another, Google Maps display the best possible routes along with walking or driving directions (covering several landmarks). It also gives a time estimation of each route for travelling by bus, car, or by foot.

Due to this huge popularity of the service, Google Maps has now become available as an app for various mobile devices also. If you are looking for a good online mapping website, Google maps is a must try one.

Try here: Click here to check out Google Maps.



Next in the list is Mapquest, a nice online mapping website that offers sufficient details on maps for different countries. It’s a simple and easy to use service that lets you locate places on maps, get driving directions from on place to another, or to some extent provides street level details.

Mapquest looks similar to Google Maps, and have many features in common. The site offers a nice and intuitive interface with visually clear maps that lets you easily locate places, find directions, see local traffic, road conditions, find nearby restaurants and businesses, lodging, and bars. The suggested routes can be optimized by shortest time or shortest distance. Plus, you can calculate the estimated fuel cost for your trips just by entering your vehicle information.

Like Google Maps, Mapquest is also available as an app for Android and Apple iOS. Go ahead and give it a try.

Try here: Click here to check out Mapquest.

Bing Maps:

bing maps

Bing Maps is another free online mapping website for viewing interactive maps and finding driving directions. It’s a very nice and easy to use mapping service that display comprehensive maps and lets you easily find places from all over the world. Plus, it offers plenty of other options for finding local traffic, street maps, road conditions, nearby businesses (restaurants, hotels, bars, and more), shopping malls, airports, etc.

Apart from that, Bing Maps lets you explore places using street view imagery and provides aerial (detailed look from above) and bird’s eye (a better look of aerial view) view with zoom in and zoom out options.

Bing Maps is simply awesome. And is a great online mapping website to give a try.

Try here: Click here to check out Bing Maps.

Nokia Maps:

nokia maps

Next in the list is Nokia Maps, a free online mapping website that provide plenty of features including route locator, satellite view, 3D view, terrain view, and street maps. Though the app was initially developed for Nokia handsets, a web version of it also came into existence, which currently works for over 180 countries.

The official name of Nokia’s cloud-based mapping and drive navigation service is “Here”. And it’s not just about finding locations, you can explore and discover places around you with real 3D experience!  The prominent features of the service include accurate maps, information on public transport networks and timetable, driving directions by public/private transport or by foot, and live information on traffic.

Nokia Maps provide a great source for finding locations online. Check it out and give it a try!

Try here: Click here to check out Nokia Maps.



Last but not the least is ViaMichelin, another online mapping website where you can get worldwide maps, US maps, Europe maps, road atlases, city maps, weather reports, traffic news, driving directions, restaurants, hotels, and lot more!

ViaMichelin lets you browse through lots of resources and provide accurate information on maps that you need. These maps are highly intuitive and easy to navigate. The site is available in different languages and has a mapping coverage for streets and roads across over 42 European countries.

ViaMichelin is for no doubt, a great online mapping website to find places online. Go ahead and try it out now!

Try here: Click here to check out ViaMichelin.

These were some of the best free online mapping websites I have found for you. Hope you like them and continue using them in future. If you know about some other good source, do let us know in comments.

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