Download Torrents without Torrent Download Software: Torrific

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Torrific is a free service to directly download torrents with your web browser. Most Internet users who download TV shows, movies and other files are familiar with Torrent and probably use it often. There are, however, many that don’t really understand how to use it and this is where the free service of Torrific comes in handy.

You can give URL of any torrent to Torrific, and it will convert it to a regular download file. This mean you do not need torrent download software to download torrents, and can use your regular download manager.

Update (10-Oct-2012): This service is no longer available.


Methods of downloading a Torrent file using the Free Torrific Service.

  • One method is to type the torrent file URL into the ‘Get’ field on the main page. This particular method is ideal if you have used a personal torrent tracker and thus are able to acquire your torrent files. If you already have the torrent link, then all you need do is copy and paste it in the ‘get’ field. From this point on Torrific will download the torrent file and store it in the processing queue.
  • Another method is to enter a torrent website, using the Torrific search option. Once in the website, you can then spend time scanning the various files available and make you choice. Once you’ve decided, type the URL in the ‘get’ field and Torrific will respond by opening the page in a web format, allowing you to navigate around.
  • A third method is to type search strings in the ‘Get’ field and Torrific will contact Google.

Some advantages and a disadvantage of a free service like Torrific.

  • The service is flexible and users are able to use Torrific on more than one computer or on different computers at different locations. The auto download option alone is a huge advantage, as it can be performed remotely.
  • Torrific is a convenient free service that makes acquiring torrent files easier and less stressful.

Torrific is a really good service to download torrents without using a torrent client like uTorrent. However, you might have to sometimes wait for a long wait time before your file is ready for download. If you are a regular torrent downloader, you are better off sticking with regular torrent download software, especially if they are coupled with a torrent download accelerator. On the other hand, you can try BurnBit to convert file to torrent.

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