Free Online Running Game with Christmas Theme

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Update 2022: This game doesn’t exist anymore. We recommend you use Rudolph Racer instead.

Rudolph Runner is a free online running game that comes with Christmas theme. In this game, you play as a reindeer who needs to run and jump over the obstacles to score more and more. There is only one key needed to play this game, but this doesn’t mean that it’s too easy to play this game.

You need to use ‘Space‘ or ‘Up‘ arrow key to dodge the obstacles. Perfect timing and concentration are required to continue with the game and tag a high score. However, there is no option to save your scores. Even there are no levels, laps, or other options. This game is very simple yet full of entertainment. Kids will surely love it and elders can also play this game.

Rudolph Runner- free 2D running game with Christmas game

In above screen recording, you can see this 2D running game that comes with beautiful Christmas theme.

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Play This Free Online Running Game:

Use the link available at the end of this review to move to the homepage of this 2D running game. To start the game, just tap on Space key. Reindeer will start running and snowfall will also start that gives a nice effect in the game.

When the obstacles will come, you have to press the space key or Up arrow key at correct time to make the reindeer jump. Obstacles come in the form of snowball and snowman. So the full game is based on Christmas. When two or three obstacles come with a very short gap one after another, then try to press and hold the space key. Otherwise, the cute reindeer will touch one of those obstacles and your game will be over.

jump over the obstacles

Your score is visible on the top right corner of the game. Just before the latest score, your high score is also visible. However, when you reload/refresh the tab, your scores will vanish. So, play this game to entertain yourself, and not to compete with yourself or others.

check your current score and high score


Rudolph Runner is pretty interesting game. Even though it is simple but good to play. Check how long you can make your reindeer run in this game. This could make for a good family game during these holidays.

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