Free Econometric Data Analysis Software for Windows: Gretl

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Gretl is a free econometric data analysis software for Windows. It allows you to analyze the statistical and financial data with ease. There are different models in the software that you can use to do econometric analysis. Also, there are other tools in the software that you can use to deal with the economic data. It supports a lot of data file formats like Excel, CSV, TXT, DAT, OCS, and some others. You can import statistical and economical data from these files and then use different approaches to analyze them. The analysis result that it produces can be exported to CSV, TXT, and RTF files easily.

Gretl offers a full scope of least squares based estimators, either for single or frameworks, including vector autoregressions and vector blunder amendment models. A few specific greatest probability estimators (e.g. probit, ARIMA, GARCH) are additionally given locally. Further developed estimation strategies can also be used by the software through general maximum likelihood or nonlinear GMM methods.

Free Econometric Data Analysis Software for Windows Gretl

How to use this free econometric data analysis software for Windows?

If you have kind of expertise in dealing with economic data then you will easily understand how to use this software. Gretl is an open source software as well and you can find its source code on Sourceforge. In addition to this, it is a cross-platform software as well. So no matter on which platforms you are on, you can easily use it for data analysis.

To study or analyze the statistical data there are various models in the software. You can use them to analyze whatever financial or statistical data you have. See the below list of the models that this software supports.

You can use any model from the above list. And then it will ask you to specify the corresponding parameters. After that, you can see the result of the calculations that it performs. See the below steps and they will guide you how to use this software.

Step 1: Get this software from here. After installing it, you can load the statistical data in it. It supports numerous data files to import the statistical data. You can import data from Excel, CSV, TXT, GDT files. And then it will show that on its interface.

gretl interface and file imported

Step 2: After when you have imported the data you can edit it as well. There are other tools in the software that you can use to manage the data. For analysis, you can choose any model that you want to use. For that, use the “Model” menu of the software and select one from the list.

models menu gretl

Step 3: The basic model for the econometric analysis is OSL or the Ordinary Least Squares model. You can select it and then it will ask you to choose a dependent variable from the data that you have imported in it.

gretl osl model parameters

Step 4: Finally, to see the analysis result, simply click on the “OK” button and it will show you the output. The result that it generates can also be exported to a file. You can opt to save the result to CSV, RTF, plain text, like files.

gretl analysis report

In this way, you can use this free software for econometric analysis. And you just have to import the data from different files and then analyze it using various models. The process of using other models is the same as I have mentioned for OSL.

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Final thoughts

Gretl is a free and a very powerful software for econometric analysis. The features that it offers are normally found in a paid software and if you are looking for a free alternative to those then I am sure that you will Gretl. In very small size, it offers very powerful features to analyze statistical data. Also, you can easily use it and do research on your data to create better reports and decisions.

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