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XPlanner is free project planning software that allows you to organize and track any project you want to tackle. The free project planning software has everything you need to keep a team on track and in order when working on a project.

This free project planner has an innovative way of taking the features that the planner wants in the plan called stories and the developers for the project determine if the stories need to be broken down to be completed. So for example a customer asks for a project and it goes into the planner if the team cannot complete what the customer needs thy will negotiate the stories which are the tracked by the program.


To use the XPlanner you can use it directly from the website. When you sign in there will be lots of helpful information to help you learn how to use this free project planner. Being able to see all the tasks you need to get together to complete a project can help you organize your team and get things done in an efficient, timely manner. The program has a simple to use interface, and is not a complicated system so any one can run it. The online time tracking can help you keep up with who is doing what and how things are going. There are lots of colorful charts and graphs that you can use to help your team understand the progress you are making and where you are going.

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Features of XPlanner:

  • Virtual Note Cards and Charts: The virtual note card feature allows you to keep up with all the things you must do as a busy project manager. The note cards also allow you to quickly communicate with members of your team directly through XPlanner. You will be able to add notes to the different tasks to commit on the job being done. The charts that the program makes available to use are amazing, and allow you to really give your team a visual of what you want and expect from them.
  • Time Sheet Generation and Time Tracking: The time sheet generating part of the software will help you keep track of the hours your team is logging. You will be able to determine where you need more help and what you have too many people working on. The time tracking allows you to keep track of the deadlines you have set, and make sure you stay on task.
  • Supports Several Languages: The program supports English, Spanish, German, Italian, Danish, and several other languages. This will allow you to communicate with teams all over the world. If you need to work on a project with someone in China you will be set.

Download XPlanner Free.

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