Disable Installations From Removable Media In Windows 10

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This tutorial details how to disable installations from removable media in Windows 10. Installing programs is a fairly common computer activity. As such, the programs that we install could be the ones downloaded from the Internet and saved on our computer’s hard disks, or stored on removable media (e.g. USB flash drives). However, program installers saved on removable media have high chances of being infested with malware, and thus, pose a security risk to the data stored on our computers.

But thanks to the secure OS that Windows 10, you can easily disable any and all program installations from removable media. Wanna know more? Head over to the other side of the jump to see how you can disable installations from removable media in Windows 10.

disable installations from removable media

How To Disable Installations From Removable Media In Windows 10?

Thanks to a little Group Policy tinkering, disabling program installs from removable media is a matter of few seconds. This can be extremely useful in enterprise environments, where data security is of paramount importance. Here’s a little step by step tutorial, illustrating how to do it:

Step 1: Type in gpedit.msc at the Run prompt to fire up the Windows Group Policy Editor.

Step 2: The Group Policy Editor features a dual column interface. Use the left column to navigate to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components. Now, from the options displayed in the right column, double click Windows Installer.

windows 10 gpe windows installer

Step 3: A few more options will now be displayed in the right column. Right click on Prevent removable media source for any installation, and select Edit from the context menu. When the configuration box pops up, change the setting from Not Configured to Enabled. When done, click Apply > OK. Here’s a screenshot:

windows 10 prevent installations from removable media

That’s it. Going forward, Windows will prevent any program installers that are saved on removable media (e.g. USB flash drives) from doing their thing. Pretty cool, right?

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Closing Thoughts

Installing programs is one of the most commonly performed activities on any computer. And the program installers that we use can come from a variety of sources. However, installers from removable media are especially risky, especially because removable disks are (mostly) used with multiple computers. But as you now know, you can now easily disable applications from being installed from removable media. Try it out, and shout out your thoughts in the comments.

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