Toonify Any Photo using AI Online with this Free Website

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In this article, you will read about how you can use this free website to toonify your favourite selfie using an Online AI platform.

There are various ways in which you can edit your photos. Several mobile applications as well as PC software tools are there to make the photo better. While you can aesthetically enhance your photo or make an avatar out of it, there are only a few websites out there that can turn your picture into a fun cartoon version.

It’s always nice to have fun with the pictures and a curiosity to know how you’ll look in a cartoon version never hurt anybody. For this, you can use this website called Toonify that can help you in turning your beautiful picture into the cartoon version.

Toonify Any Photo using AI Online with this Free Website

Toonify is a simple web application that can help you turn your selfie or anybody’s picture into the cartoon version. This web application is free to use and you can turn as many pictures as you want using this platform. Let us see how you can toonify your pictures.

For this, you first must visit the website by clicking here. The home page will be the destination to convert the image into the toon version. Here, you won’t require to sign up for the service.

There will be an option to upload the image you want to toonify. Click on “upload” and select the image that you want to toonify from your device.

Upload picture

Then, click on “toonify”. The result will show both the pictures, the one you uploaded, and the cartoon version of the image. Here, you can notice that the image uploaded will only select the facial part of the image and toonify that part only and not the background.

Check results

The quality of the toon version is quite clear and will relate to your picture. The fun part is that the application does not distort the image and keeps the toon version of your image quite clear.

Make sure that you upload a picture where there is one single person otherwise the result will not be satisfactory. However, if you are happy with the result, you can Tweet the picture onto your Twitter profile by clicking on “tweet.

There you have it, a simple way to toonify and have fun with your selfies.

In brief

This article talks about how to toonify your image using a free web application called Toonify – Justinpinkney. Using this platform, you can easily toonify your images and share it on twitter with your contacts and get the conversation started.

Try this web application here.

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