Website To Send Self-Destructing Secret Messages To Anyone: 00NOTE

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Note: 00NOTE doesn’t exist anymore. We recommend you to use This Link Will Self-Destruct (TLWSD) instead.

00NOTE is free website to send secret messages to anyone. 00NOTE lets you write a message and then share the message with anyone using a unique link. You have the option to encrypt the message using different methods such as shuffle, inverse, hangman, and many other encryption methods.

Along with that 00NOTE offers you the option to add self-destruction to the message. It’s a really cool feature that you can use and set the message to self-destruct once viewed and after certain time. If you do not select any option, then the messages will be deleted by default after 30 days.

I really like that you need not register for anything. All the service provided is free and you can send messages to anyone any number of times as you want. Below I have posted a screenshot in which you can see how easy it is to send secret messages, along with the link of it.

How To Send Secret Messages To Anyone Using 00NOTE:

In order to send secret messages to anyone first you require to visit the website (link available at the end of the article). From the user interface of the website, you can write your message in the message box, fill in the details, and then submit it. You will have the link generated for your message.

I like that 00NOTE offers you to the following options for the message:

  • Add encryption.
  • Set self destruct timer.
  • Change Font Color and style.
  • Pick background from paper or color.

You can try any of the encryption methods, send the message in reversed, vertical, snake, and many other encryption formats. Some of the encryption options offer different fun. You can try either of them and see if your friends can decipher the message that you sent or not.

From all the different encryption methods I would like to mention Hangman encryption here. Of course, other encryption are also good. In hangman encryption, you encrypt your message and receiver has to guess the letters of the word. The recipient gets 10 chances of making error. On correct guessing the reader can see the message. It’s an interesting feature that you can use to have fun with your friends.

I really like the self-destruction timer option for the message. I have tested this feature and it’s really cool as in this feature, once the message is viewed then it gets deleted automatically.

Note that the website does not offer any tool to decipher the encrypted message at the reader’s end.

Features of 00NOTE Website:

  • Very simple website to use.
  • The unique link for the message is created instantly
  • No registration required.
  • Default self-destruction of messages after 30 days.
  • Share the message with anyone: There is no registration required for the recipient as well to read the message.
  • Option to set self destruct timer to the message.
  • Font editing.
  • Option to set background image to the message.
  • Guide section.


00NOTE is easy to use free website for sending secret messages. I have had no problem in using it as I was able to send secret messages to my friends using the just one link. Some of the encryption options like Hangman are really cool as they make the receiver guess for the word. Overall I liked using 00NOTE website.

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