Improve Mental Health by Limiting Negative Thoughts: MINDRIGHT

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In this article, you will read about how you can track your improvement in the mental health using a free web application called MindRight.

Mind Right is an web application which has a user interface of a mobile device. This application is designed to log the occurrences of frequent mental distortion that you may encounter from time to time. Recording such instances of mental distortions at one place may help in coping up with the distortions in a healthier way.

This application is very simple to use. However, it can only be used in internet browser applications. In cases where you want to use this application frequently, you can save it a bookmark and regularly visit the website as per your time convenience.

Improve Mental Health by Limiting Negative Thoughts: MINDRIGHT

Mind Right is a simple web application that runs in any internet browser. Here, you can learn about different cognitive distortions and how they come about. Recognizing these distortions and the patterns by recording the occurrences of such distortions in the app can help in dealing with mental distortions to a larger extent.

This application has a simple mobile based user interface, hence you can navigate the app easily. For the demo purpose, I have used this web application on the laptop device. However, you can use this online application in the mobile devices as well using any internet browser application. Hence, it can run smoothly on iOS as well as Android devices.

Click here to visit the web application.

Select Distortion

Once you visit the application, you can directly start using it without any sign up or log in. Here, in this application, are listed several kinds of generally occurring mental distortions that heavily affect the way we think on a regular basis. Hence, you can browse and read about each one of them in a short and simple manner. There are example scenarios given as well which help in better understanding the mental distortions.

Log Occurrences

If you find that you have the defined mental distortion, then you can log the occurrence of the said cognitive distortion in the app and leave it at that. You can also reset it, if you made any mistakes.

Mind Right

Apart from logging the occurrences of the cognitive distortions, you can also read about several other distortions by going back to the main home page.

Moreover, you can also search for other distortions, if you know others of such kinds.

In brief

Mind Right is a simple web application where you can read and understand about various kinds of mental and cognitive distortions that may be affecting your daily life. These patterns are difficult to understand if there is not enough knowledge about the reasons behind. Hence, this application can help in recognizing these patterns so you may start the journey of improved mental health as soon as possible.

Try this web application here.

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