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Sometimes you miss watching a popular movie while it is in theater. Then you think that you will watch it once it releases on DVD. But then you don’t know when it will come out on a DVD and forget all about it. You are reminded time and again by various things like conversation with friends, internet, TV, etc. that there was this popular movie which you missed watching. Now in comes MovieAlerter, which is a free website which sends you an email alert every time a popular movie is out on DVD. So you can just register your email address with the website and get a reminder every week about movies which are now available on DVD.

This way you will never miss a movie which you wanted to see. Below is a screenshot of the home page of this website.

moviealerter home

All you need to do on this page is click the red button which says “get weekly email alerts”. Then use your email address to register with the website and you are all done. Now you will start receiving a weekly reminder about popular movies which have now become available on DVD.

The popularity of the movies is decided based on ratings given by critics and moviegoers. The website only shows you the ones which have a high rating of 70% or above.

moviealerter movie

Apart from this the home page of the website also shows you recently released movies on DVD. Like the screenshot above, it shows the name of the movie, its popularity rating on the right side, and the date on which it was released on DVD. Also, you can watch a trailer of the movie right below its title in a small window. The movie trailers are streamed through YouTube. Below the trailer is a small summary of the movie along with the name of the cast. You will also find a button to watch this movie on Amazon.

You can also check out Film Hunt which lets you search movies based on genre and time period.

I found MovieAlerter useful, as I don’t have to worry that I’m going to miss watching a movie. The website will send me an email every week with a list of movies which have become available on DVD. So, I can either wait for the movie which I want to watch or I can even get to know popular movies which are out on DVD for watching. So weekends would not go waste over deciding which movie to watch. Just check out this website and pick movies which you want to watch easily.

Check out MovieAlerter here.

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