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When you think of a good movie to watch, there is hardly anything which pops in to your mind. Specially when you want to watch a good movie in a particular genre like comedy, action, sci-fi, etc. This is where Film Hunt helps you out. Film Hunt is a free website which will search and find the best movies in a given period of time. For example, if you want to know the best movies from 1990-2000 in a particular genre then this website will show this to you easily.

The choice of the best movies depends upon its star rating. The website uses themoviedb for these ratings. Below you will see a screenshot of a search I did for the best comedy movies from 1990-2015.

film hunt search

When you open this website you will see a interface as shown below. From the drop down menu select the genre of the kind of movies you want to search for. Then select the time period by sliding the slider. Then click the show me button to generate the search results.

film hunt home

Now you will see a list of best movies below. The movies are based on ratings and the year of there release.

film hunt movie list

When you click on a movie title you will get details like star rating, year of release, total run time, genre, director, actors, and summary of the movie. Apart from this you will also get the option to rent or buy the movie from iTunes store.

You can also watch a trailer of the movie by clicking on the movie poster. The trailer will be played in a pop up window via YouTube. Another thing to remember is that one movie can appear in more then one genres. So you can see a movie appearing in genres like comedy, drama, romance, etc.

Also, check out this website to find full length movies on YouTube.

The website is pretty good and shows some good movies in the search result. You will end up finding a lot of movies which you have not seen yet. So try out this website and find lot of good movies to watch.

Try out Film Hunt here.

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