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Plaxo is a free online address book wherein you can add unlimited number of contacts without having fear of losing them. It offers various services that carry out personal info synchronization and auto-maintenance. You are required to instruct Plaxo as to where you want to store contacts, or additional personal information, and it automatically synchronizes all together. The most attractive part in Plaxo is that you do not need to make efforts of updating other people’s information time and again. Plaxo itself lets them update their own information. And if people make even a single change in their information, Plaxo intelligently edits the same in your address-book as well.

You can search for people just by entering their AOL Instant Messenger name or e-mail address. Thereafter, when you click a button, you will find that they are added to your address book, thereby syncing with other address books, such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, AOL, Mac, and other popular tools.

In order to get access to Plaxo, you are required to sign-up for the same. It takes just a few seconds to sign-up.

How to get started with Plaxo:

  • Go onto the website
  • Click on “Get started for FREE” as shownplaxo1
  • You will be asked to register your Email address and password and click on “create account” as shown:


  • Thereafter you will be registered with Plaxo and following will be your page wherein, you will be asked to import your contacts through various tools such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Mac, and various other popular tools. You can take a look for better understanding:


That’s it, you are done. However, one thing that I, somehow, did not like about Plaxo is that it functions well only if all your other contacts are also using Plaxo. Hence, its not only you but your contacts as well, who need to sign-up in order to get well accessed with Plaxo. Nevertheless, the buzz about Plaxo is completely at the top among more and more internet users these days. So, you don’t even need to worry about that as well.

Another free online address book you can check out is AddressBookONE. Also you can check out Clipperz which is a free online application that stores your passwords securely.

Let’s look at some of the features of Plaxo:

  • Brings all your contacts together: You don’t need to search for every contact in different tools such as Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and so on. Plaxo, quickly and easily unifies all your contacts across multiple sites, services, and devices.
  • Automatically Updates contacts: You do not need to make efforts to identify missing contact. Plaxo does all this proactively.
  • In sync: Plaxo provide exactly 2-way sync for a consistent address book across all your communication devices.
  • Real-time alerts: Plaxo provides all notifications whenever any of your contact info  changes.
  • Plaxo on the go: You can access Plaxo with various sync that are available in iPhone, Blackberry, or Android smart phones.
  • Your personal assistant: Plaxo works only for you to ensure an extra accurate, organized, and dependable address book.

In short, Plaxo is the only address book that is safe and secure, and works only for you. So don’t wait, the buzz is on, go and sign-up quickly.

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