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Collab on Code is a free online code editor which lets you collaborate with others in real-time remotely. Thus, even if your teammates are far from you, you all can easily edit the code together. It first lets you create a public workspace and then you can share the workspace URL with anyone to edit the code.

You all can code and preview the output side by side. Also, if you are working on different lines, then you all can edit code simultaneously. Your code is saved automatically. Even if you close the browser, the code will remain secure. You only need to access your workspace to get back all the coding done by you and your team.

This website lets you edit HTML and CSS code only. This is quite limited, as compared to some other sites like SCRAPfy and Collabedit (support C++, JavaScript, etc.), but the platform is good when you have to collaborate while coding using these languages.

Collab on Code- free online code editor with real time collaboration

How to Collaboratively Do Coding Online:

Everything is really simple. You need to open the homepage of this website and then create your public workplace with any name. There is no need to create a new account. Only the workplace is all that you need.

create your workspace

After creating the workspace, you can share workspace URL with your team members. When they will open the URL, they can view as well as edit your code. Here, one thing can create confusion; who edited the code and when. It is so because there is no user identity or any highlighting that can show editing of other users in some different color. So, a better understanding between users is needed.

edit code and preview output live

The output is shown in real-time in the right section. If you want, you can also view the output in full view mode.

The Verdict:

There are some features like auto save code and collaborate simultaneously, which make it a good online code editor. However, there are also a few points to be considered. This website can help you edit HTML and CSS code only. Also, there is no chat support or different highlighters to easily communicate or code. Your workspace is also public. That means this platform won’t be so useful if your project is confidential. So, considering all these points, you need to take the decision if this free online code editor is good for you or not.

Homepage of Collab on Code.

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