5 Websites to Get Public Domain Images

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In this article, I will talk about 5 websites to get public domain images. The public domain images are those images for which no one holds copyright and license. They are either provided by the owner for others to use or the copyright to the photo has expired. You are free to download all of those photos and use it for personal as well as commercial purpose. These websites provide you with images across different category, formats and resolutions.

So, let’s get started.

1. Wikimedia Commons:

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons is the biggest repository of stock and public domain images with more than 1 million images. The Public Domain section of the website has more than 200 sub-sections to help you find the type of image you want. All of them are arranged in alphabetical order and you simply have to click on the one which matches your need. Since Wikimedia has a really huge collection, so you might have to work a little hard to find the ones you need.

For the selected image, there are options to download, use the file, email, information, etc.. The information includes details like description, date, source, author, etc..

2. PublicDomainPictures.net:


The next website PublicDomainPictures.net lets you browse the photos as Top images, Latest pictures, Categories, Professional photos, and Seasonal photos. You can also browse Random Photos from the homepage. For the selected photo, it shows the number of downloads and the camera information. Besides this, the website also shows related photos to the ones which you were looking for. You can also comment on the photos.

3. PublicDomainArchive:


PublicDomainArchive is the website which has some really amazing public domain images. You can choose to browse the photos as Modern Images, Weekly Images, and Vintage Images. For any photo selected by you, the website doesn’t show any specific information. However, it shows a direct Download button. Clicking on it will show the image in enlarged form and you will have to right click and choose the Save image as. You can also choose to add comments. There are also various categories like Abstract, Animals, Architecture, Crafts, Dream, etc..

4. Public-Domain-Image:


The Public-Domain-Image website provides you with public domain images spread across various categories like Animals, Natural Landscape, Architecture, Sport, People, Travel, Art, Wallpapers, Space, etc.. For each of them, there are sub-categories which further have the images. On selecting the photo, you will get the options of choosing resolutions, author name, album, usage, orientation, etc..

5. Pixabay:


Pixabay is one of the well organized websites to get public domain images. The website lets you choose the photos on the basis of categories as well as by applying filters. You can filter photos as photos type, orientation, category, and color. When you have selected the photo, you have the options to choose the resolution before downloading it. There is also information like uploaded time, category, views, downloads, camera info, etc..

These are the 5 websites to get public domain images. Check them out and tell us which one you liked the most.

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