Online Sleep Cycle Calculator To Know How to Sleep Better

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This article talks about Online Sleep Cycle Calculator To Know How to Sleep Better. With the help of these sleep cycle calculators, you can plan your bedtime accordingly for a good and healthy sleep.

According to science, an average adult human takes around 14 minutes to fall asleep and sleeps in cycles. On an average, a cycle lasts around 90 minutes. Waking up in between of two sleep cycles makes us feel refresh, energetic and calm even if we had less sleep than usual. Whereas if we wake up in middle of a sleep cycle, we feel tired, grumpy and sometimes irritated. 5-6 sleep cycles are enough for a good sleep. You can read more about sleep cycles here.

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Here Are Best Online Sleep Cycle Calculator To Know How to Sleep Better:

We follow a pattern while sleeping, we sleep in different sleep stages. Our sleep cycle oscillates between these sleep stages. is an online sleep cycle calculator which tells you appropriate sleep times to fall asleep. Enter the time at which you like to wake and it will show you four sleep times. These sleep times are calculated on the basis of sleep cycles. calculates sleep cycles backward from the time you enter to wake up and shows appropriate time slots that will complete your sleep cycles. sleep cycle calculator

Check out Sleep Cycle Calculator here.

Sleep Calculator

Sleep Calculator is another sleep cycle calculator which suggests you the perfect time slots to sleep in order to complete your sleep cycles. Here, you can enter your wake up time and it will calculate the appropriate sleeping time for you. It shows you 6 different sleeping times based on the number of sleep cycles.

Sleepcalculator: sleep cycle calculator

In case, you are going to sleep right away, it shows you different time slots to wake up, again depending on sleep cycles. You can set an alarm for any of those times to wake you up accurately in between sleep cycles.

Try this Sleep Cycle Calculator here.

Bedtime Calculator

With the help of Bedtime Calculator, you can discover the best time to sleep or wake up, all this without interrupting your sleep cycles. Just enter the time at which you want to wake in the morning and it will calculate the best time to go to sleep for you. Or if you are going to bed right away, you can discover the best time to wake up in order to complete your sleep cycles.

Bedtime: sleep cycle calculator

Give this Bedtime Sleep Cycle Calculator a try here.

Nectar Sleep Calculator

Nectar Sleep Calculator is an online sleep cycle calculator which tells you the good time to go to bed in order to have a complete and good sleep. Just tell it when you want to wake up at it will calculate your sleep cycles in reverse order from that time and show you four time-slots for sleeping. Each slot has a difference of 90 minutes from the other which is the average sleep cycle time. It also shows you some reminders that you have to keep in mind to sustain a healthy sleeping.


Just like every other sleep cycle calculator, you can find the appropriate wake-up time to set an alarm if you go to sleep right away.

Check out this Nectar Sleep Cycle Calculator here.


Like all others, Sleep-Calculator is another online sleep cycle calculator. The thing that keeps it different from the rest is that it has four different sleep calculation scenarios rather than two. You can calculate your sleep time according to the time you want to wake up or the time you want to go to sleep.

Sleep-calculator: sleep cycle calculator

You can also find the appropriate time to wake up in order to complete your sleep cycles if you go to bed right now. Apart from that, you can calculate power nap time here. If you want to take a power nap, you can calculate the best time to wake up.

You can try this Sleep Cycle Calculator here.

Final Verdict:

All these online sleep cycle calculators are almost similar to each other. All calculate sleep time based on sleep cycles in reverse order. The tricky part is to be accurate here, which depends on you.

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