5 Free Product Description Generator Websites based on AI

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In this post, I will talk about some best free product description generator websites that you can use. Using these, you can automatically generate product description for your e-commerce products. They just take product details from you and then generate a short description that you can use. Some of them even use smart algorithms such as GPT-3 to do that and generate multiple variations of the product descriptions.

The product description that these websites generate here is very accurate and requires minimum tweaking or editing. You can take help of these tools to do your work of creating product listings in short time. Most of these tools only ask for the product title and its category to generate the product description for you. However, since this is quite a competitive space, so the free plan of most of these tools is very limited.

Free Product Description Generator Websites based on AI

5 Free Product Description Generator Websites based on AI


Simplified Product Description Generator

Simplified is one of the best free AI based product description tools out there which you can use. You just define your product on its UI and it will generate the product description for you on the fly. It generates 2 different versions of the description that you can copy and use anywhere. The best part is that it works with multiple languages. So, if you want to generate product description in language other than English, then you can easily do that.

To generate product description on this website, you only need to define your product. You just tell it what your product it and specify its title. It will use this information to generate product details which you can use anywhere. Also, the final description that you will have needs very minimum editing.

You will need to create a free account on the main Simplified website. After that, you find the product description tool in AI assistant section and then use it. Just give it the input parameters and it will take care of rest. Apart from generating product descriptions, you can use it to generate blog title as well as blog outline.


Rytr Product Description Generator

Rytr is another free websites to generate product description using AI. Here it actually supports product description generation in two ways. You can use it to either generate product description in the form of bullet list or paragraph. It can generate multiple variations of a product description and on top of that, you can also select a tone for the text.

There are many text generators that Rytr offers, and one of them is the AI product description writer. The free version of Rytr lets you generate 5000 characters of text via AI. So, when you are using it to generate product descriptions, keep this limit in mind. Apart from this, there are other AI based text generator tools it has that you may like.

You will have to sign up for a free account in order to use Rytr. After that, you select product description generator from the use case drop down. Next, you specify the title and type of your product there and hit the generate button. It will generate the product description that you can use on any eCommerce platform.

Product Description Generator by INK

INK product description generator via AI

INK’s product description generator is another free online tool that you can use to generate product details via AI. Just like other tools above, it takes a product name and a brief concept about it from you. It generates multiple variations of product descriptions, which you are free to use anywhere you want. This is as simple as that.

You go and sign up for a free account on the main INK website in order to use this tool. The process is very simple and straightforward, and the free plan of INK offers you 5 credits every day. So, that means, you can spin the product description generator of the website 5 times every day.

Use the above link and then go to the main homepage of the tool. Enter product details such as product name and type and a brief about it. Next, you hit the “AI Write” button and then it will generate multiple descriptions for your product which you can use anywhere. Similarly, you can use other tools that this website offers.

Unbounce Smart Copy

Unbounce Product Description Generator

Smart Copy by Unbounce is a collection of free AI tools and one of the tools is product details generator. For eCommerce, it is a great tool that you can use to generate product descriptions in a few clicks. Just like all the other tools in this post, you have to define a product in it via it title and a few relevant tags and it will generate a detailed description for you quickly.

This is kind of a different tool than the rest of the others I have mentioned in this post already. Other tools generate a brief description of a product, but this tool here generates a very detailed description. You can copy the product details that it generates and use it on your store. Or, you can make edits in the description to fine tune it even more.

Go to the main website of Smart Copy from the above link and then find the product description maker tool that it has. Specify your product details there, such as brand/company and a small brief about the product. Enter a few tags and hit the “Generate Copy” button from the top to see the final result.

Product Description Generator by Dukaan

Product Description Generator by Dukaan

Dukaan is a growing alternative to Shopify based out of India, it basically lets you create your own online store. Those features are paid but it offers a free online tool for marketers and storekeepers to generate product descriptions on the fly. You just give it a product title and it will generate a simple product description that you can use on your online store. There is no sign up or registration required in order to use it.

This is a very simple and straightforward product description generator tool you can use. Access the webpage of this tool using the link above and then enter a product title there. Next, you hit the “Generate description” button and give it a few seconds. When it has generated the description, you can just copy it and the use it wherever you want.

A little downside of using this tool is that here it will only generate 1 description. So, if you are not satisfied with the output, then you will have to simply tweak the product title and then start again.

Final thoughts:

If you are an owner of an eCommerce store and spend a lot of time writing and thinking about product descriptions, then these tools I have mentioned here can be useful. Try any of these and they will save you a lot of time and effort. Though, it is not guaranteed that the product description that these tools generate is publish ready; it may need a fine-tuning. But that’s still better than thinking of a nice product description for hours and coming up with nothing.

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