5 Free Ways To Track Live Cricket Scores

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Here are 5 Free ways to Track live Cricket Scores for die-hard cricket lovers. While some of them are downloadable on PC, others are Internet Based. The advantage of trying any of the given Software to Track live Cricket Scores is that they are all absolutely free.

Laver and Woods Cricket Scorebook

Laver and Woods Cricket Scorebook is a free application to track live match scores downloadable on your computer for all cricket fans, who needs a comprehensive data regarding cricket matches. The application to track cricket scores has been designed with advanced technology and is capable of giving you complete data regarding batting and balling and gives you all data that you need to know about your favourite player and his score board. The application to track cricket live score card is actually excel based, thus you get easy to use info about the match you missed.

This free service to follow live cricket scores was developed with the idea to provide complete and live data about cricket matches, regarding balling and batting in a match you missedIn addition, this live match score service also provides you graphical representation of the data presented so that you can catch a bird’s eye view to understand each player’s performance. Layer and Woods Cricket Scorebook is very simple and very useful for all cricket fans.

Interestingly, this cricket live scores tracking service lets you know the most scoring event just in a mouse click. If you don’t have time for complete data and are more interested in knowing about any shot or event, just do a single click and the application will show you the most scoring events and also allows for uncommon events like one short, short or long over’s, penalty runs.

The most useful feature of Laver and Woods Cricket Scorebook is it’s excel based interface. The application allows you to print the presented data or save it on your disk. If you are a collector and want to collect cricket scores of matches of your interest, than you can save the file on your disk or simply get a print out and make your own collection. If you notice a scoring mistake in the application then that can be corrected even after overs has been finished. The score board is in a easy to understand format and you can download the score board for future reference.

Cricket Statz

Cricket Statz is free downloadable software that allows you to track cricket scores live on your computer. This free score tracking software is extremely simple to use and you just need to download application on your computer. Cricket Statz provides you comprehensive cricket statistics for all cricket fans who maintain high level stats about cricket matches. This free score tracker is designed for all serious cricket followers.

This free live score tracker lets you generate tailor-made cricket stats reports according to your preference. If you want, it will give you details regarding top run scores, most 4’s in the innings, most runs in Season and many other kinds of data. This free cricket live scores tracker is very simple, although it is a complete tool set for getting comprehensive report and stats of the cricket matches. The application is ideal for individuals and clubs and association.

The freeware generates reports in a mouse click. Thus, you need not mention any format nor need you to segregate any data. This free software to track live cricket scores provides you ample of options for data classification and you can generate reports for any kind of data. You can also use this reports for entry in your year book or publish stats in your web site. The reports generated by this software can be saved in CSV format for further use or printing.

Cricket Statz features also includes filter function. You can filter your preferences and mention your data range like get reports as per match type, location type, Vs team and many more. You can also email the summary of the match just in a button click to your friends. If you are a serious collector of cricket information and stats, then you may use this score tracker which is simple and easy and yet informative.

Android users can install Android App for Cricket Live Scores reviewed by us.

ESPN CricInfo

ESPN Cricinfo is the most popular source of knowing cricket score online. This free online live scores tracking service does not need any downloads or installations. The service is free to use and completely web-based. The very appreciated feature of the ESPN cricinfo live score is that it covers ball by ball cricket match. Thus, you get live scores of the match even when you not at home. The application is very useful when you need to know cricket scores online.

This web application is extremely simple and does not burden itself with many of the features. You get all the data about cricket match with this free simple tool. You can even get ball by ball coverage right on your web browser. All you need to is to launch this website on your web browser and keep refreshing the web site for live scores. This free cricket score sites even does not want you to register or sign up.

This free website to track live cricket scores is an excellent way to access to the cricket scores online, when you need to know all the scores live and you will not waste your time in signing in or out. When yo launch this website, the application will list out all the cricket matches on air. You can make your selection and see the ball by ball coverage.

Interestingly, with this live cricket score website you can see full score board with details about balling and batting and fielding details. And if you don’t have much time for details coverage then you can opt for desktop scoreboard which will give you very limited scores about the cricket match. Additionally, if you really want to read commentary, the service also gives you option whereby you can read commentary for the cricket match. Get all the photos and articles index right there in a single mouse click.

Cricket Nirvana

Cricket Nirvana is another free online scoreboard for cricket lovers. This live cricket scoreboard is web-based and does not need any downloads or sign up. The service to track live match scores is very simple and intuitive. Cricket Nirvana shows you cricket match scores updated in real-time and thus you get the most updated cricket scores online. The web site is also very informative and gives you compact plus details scores regarding matches.

When launch this website, you see a small box on the right side of the web site. Th formats in tabs the cricket matches played or in progress in that box. You can see brief scores of the match there. However, if you wish to see complete and detail score board, then click on interactive scores and a pop up dialog box will open. There you can see complete cricket score online. This online cricket scoreboard service will let you know everything that you need to know about scores of a particular match.

You also get info about as who is batting and who is balling. Beside this basic info, you can also get graphical representation of the score board to ascertain the most 4’s and mid offs, and many other information. You get three simple choices for graphical presentation. You can try spider chart, pie chart or bar graph chart for analysing various kinds of cricket shots. If you are interested in reading commentary of the cricket match, then you can read in the dialog box for last 12 balls, wickets, boundaries and even about full innings.

Interestingly, Cricket Nirvana also loads and offers you full profile description of the player in the playing team. You can see a particular player or also get info about whole team.


vCricket is another free service to online live cricket score that displays cricket scores online without any downloads or registration. This free score tracking service has online and even mobile presence. vCricket offers you free mobile app with which you can see free and live cricket score right on your cell phone. You can catch up with latest scores and matches even when yo are away from your television or desk top.

This free online cricket scoring has advanced technology and thus you can get scores for national as well as international matches. Check online scores and scoreboard on the move with this easy to use mobile app. However, the mobile app is very comfortable and simple plus you get updated scores on the move.

If you do not wish to download this app on your mobile app, then you can launch a mobile application on your mobile with URL http://vcricket.mobi/ on your phone browser. When you have launched this website, you can catch up with cricket live scores, schedule of upcoming matches, news & analysis, etc.

Some Key Features:

  • Live Cricket Scores – the mobile offers you ball by ball coverage. Thus it will keep you abreast about each and every ball and provides you complete info about the match in progress.
  • Latest Results – The application is updated in real-time, thus synchronizes with online data and gives you latest information and stats. You also get latest results which you can spread among your friends in just a click.
  • Coming Up Cricket Matches – Lets you have a complete list of matches that are yet to played.
  • Points Table helps you keep a track of the battle between the big cricketers.
In short, above given are the finest of all the services available for viewing online cricket scores.
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