Auto Change Apps in Folder on Android Home Screen Based on Triggers

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Contextual App Folder is a free Android app to create a contextual folder on Android home screen, whose contents automatically change. It changes the apps that are packed in that contextual folder by identifying triggers set by you. It supports numerous such triggers like, headphone, charging, Geo-location, apps notification and others. When it identifies a particular trigger it places certain apps to the contextual folder on which the trigger was assigned.

A perfect use case of this app would be that when you enter your office, it will automatically place all the business apps like stock prices viewer, Office suite, calendar/to-do, etc on home screen. And when you plug your headphone, it will automatically place music apps like radio, music player, recorder on home screen for fast access.CAV in work in Android App to Automatically Change Contents in Contextual Folder

There are apps that automatically change wallpaper or turn screen off but an app that can automatically changes the contents of a folder sounds very exciting. So, let’s see some of the features of Contextual App Folder.

8 Different Triggers to Change Contents of Contextual Folder

It’s the key feature of Contextual App Folder that it gives you 8 different triggers and let you assign related apps to the contextual folder accordingly.

Below is the list of all triggers that it provides.

  • GEO-Location: You can assign a particular location here and whenever you reach there, this trigger will get enabled and will place all your assigned apps in the contextual folder. It is totally based on GPS so, make sure your phone’s GPS is active.
  • WiFi: This trigger will be enabled if your device connects to a specified WiFi network.
  • Bluetooth: Same as in case of WiFi, it will be enabled if your device connects to a specified device via Bluetooth.
  • Calling: This trigger will be enabled when you are on an incoming or outgoing call.
  • Time: This trigger will be fired at the specified time.
  • Notification: When a notification from an app like whats app or Gmail is encountered, this triggered will be enabled.
  • Headphone: When you insert your headphone in the jack of your phone.
  • Charging: When your phone is charging, this trigger will fire.

various triggers in Contextual App Folder

Pretty Simple to Create or Delete Scenarios

Its pretty simple to add a new scenario and delete it. You can add a new scenario by going through the following steps.

Before staring please make sure that a widget of Contextual App Folder should be on your home screen in order to make it work properly.

Step 1: Tap the floating + button on the main page of the app to add a new scenario. It will ask you to choose a trigger that you would like to add in your scenario.Context App Folder

Step 2: After selecting a trigger, it will ask you to assign an app or group of apps that will be visible in the context folder on home screen. When you finish choosing apps, simply tap on check button at the bottom.

Contextual app Folder finalizing scenario

Step 3: This is optional, you can customize the look and feel of the Contextual folder that will appear on your home screen when some trigger will enable. By tapping the color palette icon at the top, you can customize the padding, border, background color or border of the context folder.

So, these were the steps by which you can create a scenario using Contextual App Folder. Now whenever you put your phone on charge you will notice similar situation as shown in the first screenshot of this article.

My Final Verdict

This app does what it promises. I really like this piece of work from developers to create such a nice app that automatically places all the essential apps on my home screen according to fired triggers.

Give it a try by downloading it from the link below.

Get Contextual App Folder here.

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