What’s IP: Know Your IP On Windows 8

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Here is a free app that allows you to know your IP on Windows 8. What’s IP detects and provides you with your internal IP as well as the external IP addresses. The app is really straightforward in use and allows you to get the current IP in seconds. Also you are presented with additional information like the subnet, DNS, Gateway etc.

In the main interface of the app of you are presented with a simple graph that presents you with the total downloaded and uploaded data per day. This makes it really easy to see how you are consuming your data. The best part of the app is that it displays the internal and the external IP address on a live tile on the start screen that is dynamically updated.

Know Your IP On Windows 8

You can download What’s IP from the link posted at the end of this article. After a successful installation, just run What’s IP from your Windows 8 start screen and you will have the interface in front of you as shown below. The app will take a few seconds after initial launch to display the data as shown below.

Know Your IP On Windows 8 free

You can see from the above screenshot that all the information like the host name, IP address, subnet, DNS, adapter type, profile name etc. are shown in the form of a list of the left hand side of the app Windows. From this list you can know your IP on Windows 8, among other things, with ease.

Also you are presented with a color coded graph on the right side of the app window. This graph enables you to see how you are consuming the data in a simple to understand interface. Here the blue bar represents downloaded data while the yellow one represents the total uploaded data.

Like any other Windows 8 app, this also works in the snapped mode as shown below and allows you to do simple multitasking.

what's my ip in snapped mode

So if you are in need of a simple app that allows you to know your IP on Windows 8 then What’s IP is simply one of the best solutions. Get What’s IP from the Window Store by clicking here. Also try out Simple Network Tools for Windows 8 that provides you with a set of basic and simple network tools in an integrated interface.

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