Scientific Calculator For Windows 8: Super Calculator

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Super Calculator is a free scientific calculator for Windows 8 that provides you with the capability to perform complex calculations on your Windows 8 PC. The interface of the app is super simple and straightforward, this makes it really easy to perform complex calculation with this app on your computer. With this scientific calculator for Windows 8 you will be able to compute almost any mathematical expression with complete simplicity. If you regularly deal with this level of mathematics and you are a student of mathematics, physics, etc. then be sure to download and install Super Calculator for Windows 8.

Scientific Calculator For Windows 8 Super Calculator

The app has a simple interface laid out as shown in the screenshot above with the mathematical functions located on the left of the app window and the numeric pad on the right side of the app window. This layout makes it really easy to use the calculator on a tablet device while you are horizontally viewing this scientific calculator for Windows 8.

You can download and install the app from the link given at the end of this post. After you have downloaded and installed this free scientific calculator for Windows 8 just click on it’s start screen tile to run super calculator and you will have in front of you the interface as shown in the first screenshot of the post.

This scientific calculator for Windows 8 supports the ability to use mathematical functions like sin, cos, asin, acos,abs, log, ln, π, sqrt, atan, tan, e, etc. The app is able to work both the radian and degrees to switch between them just right-click on the app window and select the angle option from the option menu to switch the app to degree mode. To copy or paste the expressions use the copy and paste button located in the left side of the option menu as shown below in the to use super calculator for windows 8

One thing that I did not like about this scientific calculator for Windows 8 is that when in snap mode we are able to use only the basic calculator and the advanced functions are hidden and cannot be accessed.snap mode scientific calculator windows 8

Features of this scientific calculator for Windows 8:

  • The app supports the ability to snap so that you can perform calculation along with other tasks.
  • Super calculator has the ability to evaluate the given problem in proper mathematical order.
  • Support for copying and pasting values.
  • Simple and interactive graphical interface.
  • Ability to display roots, fractions, and other types of function graphically.
  • Ability to display standard operators and other mathematical functions.

To download super calculator for Windows 8 just click on this link and use your Windows 8 device as a scientific calculator. Also try out another scientific calculator for Windows 8 called Calc4Win or click this link to view best scientific calculators for Windows 8.

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