Red Button: System Cleaner and System Optimizer

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Red Button is an absolutely free tool that optimizes and cleans your Windows operated computer. Indeed having this simple but worthy, application in your computer’s tool box increases the starting speed of Windows, activates all the hidden settings to get the maximum out of the computer. This in turn, enhances the overall performance of Windows and the computer in general and turns off as well as removes unused and unnecessary applications.

Red Button windows optimizer certainly knows what you need and don’t need, and by “putting out the trash” so to speak it so increases the speed of Windows shutdown. We all know the scenario of waiting for the computer to stop so we can sleep, with Red Button installed, that process happens almost immediately.

Red Button

As we surf the Internet, upload and download data, the computer collects hundreds, if not thousands of “cookies” as well as other information, Red Button , prior to shutting down gives us the option of cleaning the hard drive; removing cookies and temp files which serve little purpose when not online. It is important to note here, that the computer’s registry is also checked and cleaned by this free Windows optimizer.

Cleaning is important, not just to speed up the system, but Red Button is also able to spot any files or folders that it deems should not be on your system; in short, it is a kind of virus, malware or Trojan spotter also.

With this free computer hard disk cleaner application easily used at any time, you will save inordinate amounts of time on the simple tasks that seem so petty and unnecessary.  Indeed using your computer will be so much easier and, for want of a better word – fun.

Red Button will reveal your computer’s true potential as well as increase system security. This will also make your computer so much more energy efficient which in turn reduces the dangers on the environment. The creators of Red Button have obviously given the program much thought and its efficiency is the proof of the pudding- to use an old adage.

Other features include lowering the amount of power consumption the system needs. Being that the system no longer has to start programs that are unnecessary or required, the computer uses less power to start and run. Red Button supports and is compatible with all modern versions Windows client.

Its ease of use means even the kids will know how to clean the system after playing games. The application is so small that downloading it takes less than 30 seconds, unless you’re still using dial-up in which case you’re looking at a couple of minutes. You can also read about DiskMax or Comodo software, for cleaning your system and improving its performance.

Red Button will also remove those horrible “hangers-on” that remain after deleting a program or component from Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 system. Often there is a residue of a program or component left in the computer’s register. Red Button sniffs it out and banishes from the system, but not without first asking you. This simple to use freeware also gives support to the computer’s command line, making keyboard usage easier.

Red Button is completely portable and is able to be transferred to other computers or portable devices easily. This simple program is easily navigated within a surprisingly simple and convenient interface. Single mouse clicks, for the most part, are all that are required to have Red Button do its thing.

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Works With: Windows XP/Vista/7
Free/Paid: Free

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