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Easeus Todo backup home is a free system backup and free file backup tool that is a very handy program to have on your computer. In the event your files, folders and other valuable data is damaged by a computer virus, hard disk failure, or lost because of human error, this backup and recovery software will enable you to recover your files and folders with ease. Free Easeus Todo backup home will protect the following – photos or images, music files, all documents, video files (all formats), financial data and much more. Indeed, you are able to backup whatever you want, whenever you want.

It is said that less than 20% of computer users backup their data and the common reason for not performing this daily or weekly task, is that it is too troublesome. With this free file/folder backup program, the job of backing up your data is not a troublesome chore at all. Easeus Todo backup Home is very easy to use and will not interfere with other programs that may be running on your computer at the same time.

Easeus ToDo

Here are some of the key features this free system and file backup program:

  1. System Backup and Recovery: The program allows you to backup your entire hard disk or disks – including the operating system. Applications are also able to be installed or reinstalled without interrupting other programs which may be running on your computer. Easeus Todo Backup Home is designed to run on all computers running Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. If your system crashes, all files, folders and directories will be saved. Also check out Paragon Backup & Recovery, and Hybir Backup.
  2. File and Folder Backup:  You are able to backup specified files and folders that may have been compromised because of a virus attack or hard disk failure. There is also the option of backing up files that you are currently using. All documents may be backed up at any time.
  3. Incremental backup: The incremental backup options allows you to only backup files and folders that may have changed since the backup was performed. Making use of the incremental backup option allows you save disk space as well as time.
  4. PC Security:  This free system backup software allows you to keep mirror images of files, folders and the entire system in a safe place. These “safe places” can either be, an external hard disk, DVD, CD, FTP servers and so forth. A password protecting option is also available for security reasons.
  5. Backup ScheduleEaseus Todo Backup Home also has a backup schedule option built-in. If you wish to backup at a predefined time, date or day; use the backup wizard to set the time, day, week or month for the backup to automatically start.
  6. Backup Management:  This option lets you manage all backup tasks manually. You are able to change, delete, backup or plan all functions of the program. You may even convert images to VMware or to a Virtual PC image file format. Using the backup management option, gives you complete control.
  7. Disk Cloning Tool:  Being able to clone your system to another disk is a very useful option and the engineers of Easeus Todo Backup Home know this is what many computer users would welcome. The cloning tool allows you to, for example, upgrade your system without having to reinstalling your entire operating system. It also means that your files and folders will also be reinstalled in the same directories as before. Clearly the option of cloning is a godsend.
  8. User Interface: The program’s easy-to-navigate interface includes step-by-step backup wizards that guide, not only, the novice computer user , but also the experienced pro through the ins and outs of the application. All command prompts and buttons are written in easily understood language.

Also check out Dropbox alternatives, and Mozy alternatives.

If you are looking for a free backup application for your computer, Easeus Todo Backup Home is the ideal file, folder and system backup application for both the inexperienced computer user as well as the experienced user.

Download Easeus ToDo Backup Home Free.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
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